Sunday, January 31, 2010

Snowed In...

I am SO over winter. There is nothing that I would like better right now than for it to be warm and sunny... Id even take warm and rainy!
I went to DC this weekend to see Holly and Char. We were supposed to go to a concert on Friday night and ice skating on Saturday but Friday was just too cold and Saturday was too cold and too snowy. So we stayed in, made drinks, played video games and just relaxed... it was nice just to be with everyone.

Danny came over on Saturday.. I hadnt seen him in a week so it was good to be back with him again. However, I already miss him again. We played lots of Mario, took the dogs out in the snow, and then went out to dinner.

Overall, it was a fun weekend and nice to get out of Fredericksburg for a while... Im supposed to have my GREs tomorrow, but who knows with this weather. I really just want to get them over with, and hopefully do much better!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Game On

Central Park. I love to hate it. It is too crowded, too hard to get to, & too hard to find anything you want. But Mom suggested Dan and I try every restaurant in the place, and we couldn't resist. So here is the challenge: 48 eating establishments and a blog about each of them.

1. Applebee's
For some reason we had a VERY hard time deciding what to eat. Did we want two for twenty or something else? Were we sharing things? Did I want real food? Of course not! So I had Queso Blanco and Dan had Fried Shrimp and then we shared a Chocolate Chip Cookie Sundae for dessert.
The Queso was so-so... it didn't have too much taste and the chips were kinda.. eh. But it was cheesy and melty, so it was still good. Dan's fried shrimp were pretty yummy... nothing too special. However, the chocolate chip cookie sundae was DELICIOUS.

Danny is of course pretending that he wanted no part in this wonderful creation before him... but we all know better. (However, he did look up how many calories were in the thing when we got home... 1780, woah.) It was SO good though- warm cookie, cold ice cream, hot fudge... and even some oreos to make it even better. Of course, we couldnt find it and could not move after, but it was worth it.

Overall, Applebee's earned around a 3.5 out of 5. I'd say we enjoyed our first adventure into the cuisine of Central Park. Next up: Asia Bistro..