Monday, May 24, 2010

Graduation - UVA style

 Yesterday we went to UVA for Charles' graduation from his Masters program. It was kind of neat to go to two so close together and see how different the Universities are. UVA is beautiful, but in a totally different way than VT, and even the speeches just show that they are so different. UVA is totally consumed by Thomas Jefferson and his vision for the University. UVA and VT may be big rivals, but really they're so different they arent even really comparable...

So in the morning was the walking of the Lawn. All of the graduates walk from the Rotunda down the lawn. Its actually really neat- people walk with their friends and have lots of balloons so that people can recognize where they are. Its such a celebration; its neat. Then we had lunch with Charles' program and went to the second graduation ceremony. Charles seemed so happy!

In other news, Peter proposed to his girlfriend last week, so Holly is hoping that this will propel Charles along. I really hope so; Charles is a part of our family and we all love him. Holly shouldnt have to go through something like that- they love each other. But I know why she will leave- he will go on forever like this. He only has about 2 weeks though... so I guess we will know rather soon.

After both ceremonies we went to a South African restaurant with Charles' family. It was a lot of fun and his family was so generous! It was a great day.

Now, I need to figure out how to pack and all that kind of stuff. I cant believe that I leave so soon! I did find out that I will know a few people in my program though so that makes me feel so much better!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Smokey Bones

To me, Smokey Bones sounds like a pirate name. ARRRRG!!

But in real life, it is a BBQ restaurant, and it was pretty good! I had Fire Stix which were cheese fries with bacon and some BBQ sauce and other things on top. The BBQ sauce made it really really yummy and unexpected. I really liked them!

Danny had broccoli and cheddar soup and grilled chicken. We think that they left out the rice that the chicken was supposed to be on and just gave him more broccoli on the side, but I suppose thats ok. He cleaned his plate, declared his meal a success, and helped me with my Fire Stix. 

The only weird part of the meal was the lighting. When we came in, it was good. But then the electricity went off for a few seconds and it made the lights really bright. That was all fine and dandy until they turned the lights all the way down. I could not see. Weird. But these lighting problems have nothing to do with the food or the dining experience (at least the usual one) and overall we liked it!

Officially Graduated.

This weekend was graduation. It was SO good to be in Blacksburg with everyone, but SO weird to know that it is probably the last time that all of us will be there for a long period of time together. That town has given us so much, and we love it so much. Now it isn't home and its weird. We are all going our separate ways... growing up is weird!

All of the celebrations were fun. The family and the Fords stayed up at Mountain Lake. Parts of Dirty Dancing were filmed there so its really exciting, in that nerdy way! It was relaxing to be up there and the views were beautiful; the only annoying part was getting up and down the mountain, but worth it. The big graduation in Lane was postponed an hour due to impending rain that never happened. However, it allowed the family time to get dinner since the "catered" honors reception was only cookies and punch. The ceremony was nice once we got there- the speakers were good and I even enjoyed the Governer's address.

Saturday's celebration was much smaller- and more enjoyable. I walked with all of my favorite Classics majors and then we had a reception at the Becker's house. It was nice to be with Classics people, all of whom I knew, and be fed! I love the Beckers- and I made the twins promise to be friends with me next year at W&M... 

Overall, it was a great weekend, and now, in less than 2 weeks, I leave for W&M. Its so weird- Im going to be a graduate student... and live in a town where I dont know anyone or my way around. AH. It will be a good experience... but very different... different is good, right?

"Couldnt wait to get going, but wasnt quite ready to leave...."

Monday, May 10, 2010

Ruby Tuesdays

Ah, the first place that Danny and I went when we started "dating." I do not recall what I ordered that time, but I wouldnt be surprised if it was the same as this time: Chedder Fries. Danny had the New Orleans Sea Food and, of course, the salad bar.

My cheese fries were pretty good. Nice and crunchy with a really good ranch dip, and a little bit of sour cream. Yum.

Danny always gets the same thing here, and always loves it. The seafood is really low fat, probably more so than the salad bar.

Overall, Ruby Tuesdays is usually a good choice... just somewhere Ive been a lot.

I think we MIGHT make it through the list. A bunch of the last ones are like Subway and Tropical Smoothie- places that we have both been a million times, and even been together. So for the sake of actually getting it done, were giong to skip them. Im not sure what is next... but bring it on!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


So I think we skipped Panda Express. Its in every mall ever. Qdoba Mexican Grill was up and Ive really come to hate fake Mexican places... the queso isnt so good and the quesodillas not really either. So just no.

The Melting Pot

.... oh my.
So we had saved The Melting Pot because people have been telling us and me forever that I would love it. Love the cheese love the chocolate, love everything. And before I go any farther, I just want to say it was soooo yummy and I did love it... just the aftermath I didnt love.

So, this was our 365 day anniversary. This day one year ago, I met Dan. He was an escort and I was a princess, and as corny as that sounds, thats how it happened. And as Dan's Dad said the first time I met him, "Thats how lives start..." So, we wore the same clothing and were very excited. When we got there, we decided to get all the courses and started with Wisconsin Cheese. Yum. Yum with apples, yum with bread.. just yum. After that, there was a citrus flavored oil with shrimp, chicken, pork, tuna, dumplings, and other things. It was soo good. The shrimp was my favorite and it was really good.
Now, for the chocolate. At this point you are soo full but all you want is chocolate. We had the regular milk chocolate and it came with strawberries, bananas, pound cake, cheesecake, marshmallows, and other yummies. It was all AMAZING.

Now. After this, we walked around and I kinda started feeling icky. So, I laid down in the car and by the time we got home... well I almost threw up in the drive way. I kicked off my shoes and ran. And then threw up my costly dinner that was so good. So we thought I had food poisoning.  But then I preceded to throw up every 30 minutes for the 8 hours. It was horrible. Poor Dan had to stay up with me and just disgustingness.

Of course the next day we were supposed to be going to Winchester... I really hoped I would be better and even though I tried, I just slept all all all day and couldnt do it. Luckily the next morning I felt better. So moral of the story... Im trying to tell myself it was NOT The Melting Pot but the flu. It was not... it was not...

Outback & Pancho Villia

I am quite a bit behind. I feel like this was forever ago!
Ok... Outback.
Yummm. I hadnt had cheese fries in forever so I had those and Danny had steak and potatoes and mushrooms. My cheese fries were ok, not really the best ever, but still pretty yummy. Dans steak was good and the service was wonderful as well. Overall, it was just Outback...

Pancho Villa
Ok I LOVE Mexican... well at least queso and cheese quesodillas. Also, I am partial to our really cheap, really yummy Mexican restaurant where they recognize us. First off, our waiter was a high school kid who was not Mexican. That sounds horrible, but just unusual- he was a great waiter nonetheless. I had the norm and Danny had some sort of margarita chicken and shrimp. He really liked his, and mine was good... but just not the one Im used to. I shouldnt compare... but I am.

I cannot believe that we are on the Ps! We only have about 3 weeks to finish... I think we can do it!