Friday, February 26, 2010


Yesterday was Carrabba's. not my favorite, even though it is a lot of pasta. To me, its never that great and always expensive. Danny really likes it though, so whatever works.

I have an appetizer portion of Lobster Mac and Cheese. The cheese sauce was good, along with the breading, but the lobster was like shredded and not good. Or, I just dont like lobster- not sure which one.

Danny had some chicked stuffed with cheese and covered with mushroom. He got a side of green beans and it came with a salad. He liked it. I thought it looked disgusting.

It is FINALLY Friday! This week has gone by pretty fast, but 5 days of 6th grade gossip and complaining gets to you. They are sweet kids, but sometimes... goodness. I dont know if I will be here next week- I havent heard from the teacher yet. In some ways its nice, in others, I feel like Im not doing that great of a job because I dont really know where Im going. Im trying to teach them stuff but I dont even know what material Im supposed to be covering, so its a little lost. I think I did an ok job though, at least the kids had the same teacher all week.

Holly, Charlie and Grace are coming to visit tomorrow! I miss them when I dont see them- especially Grace! I cant wait till Holly has babies and I can play with them. Actually, Holly and Charlie just need to get engaged. Holly is going dress shopping with Molly next weekend, and even though I know she couldnt be happier for her, it has to be a little sad. I hope whomever I marry wont take so long to want to marry me... I know Charlie loves Holly though- so get on with it!

30 minutes till bus duty then freedom! Or actually the gym... but at least were going to Mexican tonight- yummy!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Camille's and Caribou

Since it had been awhile, Danny and I tried to knock out two yesterday.

We went to Camille's Sidewalk Cafe for dinner and it was VERY good. Danny said it would be a 9- espeially for lunch. I had the special: grilled cheese with red potato chedder soup. It also came with a side of chips and salsa. This was A LOT of food for only $5. Danny had to help me with both the soup and the sandwich. The red potato chedder soup was amazing- cheesy but not too much and good chunks of potato. MMM.

Danny had... some hot chicked wrap thing. It also came with a salad that looked like only lettuce with a bit of dressing, but he said that it was good all the same. The wrap was also yummy.

Then we headed to Caribou Coffee. We bought mom some beans (Ill give her opinion once she tries them), Danny had a mint chocoloate chip mocha thing and I had a cookie. A very very gross cookies. However, Danny's coffee thing was pretty good.

In other news... Im still not talking to Sarah. She thinks that she did nothing wrong- not surprised- and I know that eventually I will have to be the bigger person and talk to her because she is too self-centered to care. But for now, I dont care either. Im over pretending that her hooking up with everyone is normal and that ditching her friends is ok. But whatever, at least if something does happen she knows that I dont approve. And she thinks that she "really likes" this guy, but she says that about everyone. And from the gossip that I get from the rest of the Marines.... its not gonna happen.

All this week Im subbing for a 6th grade English teacher. Its fun to be able to plan a little bit, learn the kids, and actually teach things. 6th grade is a bit young for me... Im not into picking kids up and dropping them off but overall its a good experience.

Must go get the kiddies from lunch!

Thursday, February 18, 2010


Yay!!! I got in!! Someone wants me!! William and Mary!! I am so relieved just to know that I will be going somewhere- and if its W&M its soon- like May! Yay!! 

The funny thing is that the whole reason I decided not to go to VT was to go to UVA, and now I might go there. But one year and done sounds pretty good. So does less loans. And W&M is still a really good school. Lots to think about... but for now, Im off to teach 2nd graders. And theres a 2 hour delay- woo hoo!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Quite a Crazy Weekend

So, this weekend was Valentine's Day. I hate Valentine's Day... Im not into people that give gifts on Valentine's Day to show the world that they love someone else. It seems like to me, if you want the whole world to know, love your Valentine everyday... not the one day a year that it is expected. Perhaps I'm cynical... I'm not sure. But I did get to have the only thing I love about Valentine's Day- a breakfast table with cute table clothes and cards and breakfast with my Momma! Yay! Then Danny and I headed off to Blacksburg for the weekend.

The drive wasnt bad... I drove there because Danny had worked the night before and Mom made us drive Danny's car, so that was no fun. But still, a fine drive. I went and visited Cathy at work for a little bit and then to El Rod's with Sarah, Cary, Danny, Jen, Hunter, and Liz. It felt so nice to be back among the people I love and just to feel so at home. Then we went out to happy hour. I had a drink at Sharkey's and 2 at Hokie House....... and then I remember NOTHING. From what I can piece together of the night I started feeling sick, threw up at Hokie House, got carried home and kept throwing up there. Then I was put to bed. 

The first thing that I remember is waking up in Molly's bed with a bucket beside me. I felt HORRIBLE and knew something was wrong. I tried to get up and drink water but threw that up and threw up a few more times. We then came to the conclusion that I was probably drugged at the bar. 3 drinks is not enough to make me throw up, much less remember nothing, so that is kind of a scary thought. I am just very thankful that I was surrounded by a group of people that loved me and made sure that I was ok and got home. Very thankful.

So after that, we all spent Saturday in Molly's bed because I couldnt get up. We watched movies and hung out and it was just good to be at home. Danny got me cute personalized M&Ms that were Apple Blossom colors and said "heart you star you" and "DGM MPH" on them so that was cute. A little present but not making a big deal of the day- thank goodness. 

Sunday we had brunch at West End and went to see Valentine's Day. It was pretty cute. Then Danny and I drove home and had our V-day dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings (the next restaurant on the list) with Justin and Chris and Kilgore. Danny had never been but he had naked wings and a wrap and I had buffalo chips. A good meal with good friends and lots of Marine Corps talk. But thats ok... I love those boys. For being Marines, theyre all pretty sweet... especially mine : )

We dont have school AGAIN today... hopefully tomorrow. For today I shall just rest and read and try to find my camera cord... when I finally do, Ill post some pictures.


Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Bonefish and Bridges

Bonefish and Bridges... sounds like the title of a book! After about 30 or so inches of snow, Danny finally got off work and came and rescued me! I hadnt been out of the house in FOREVER, so we went to Mexican for lunch and then went sledding! Well... we tried to go sledding. For starters, there are not sleds left in the state, soo we used a boogie board. However, there are no hills around here! So we tired a few times to get a track going, but to no avail. It was fun anyways though : )

Then, since my boyfriend is such a girl, we went and saw Dear John, the new movie based on a Nicholas Sparks' book. It actually wasnt what I expected, but wasnt that great either. I liked when they were falling in love... but after that... However, this only made Danny want to see the next Nicholas Sparks movies... silly boy.

THEN we went to Bonefish. MMMMMMMM. It was amazing- a "solid 9." We had bacon wrapped scallops for an appetizer and they had this fruity chutney on them and there were sooo good. Then Danny had grouper and I had saucy shrimp. It has an amazing sauce and lots of goat cheese- amazing!

Yesterday, the snow was scheduled to start again, joy! So we got out and got baking supplies and went to Bridges Brick Oven for lunch. I had already been there, so I knew what to order- a mozzarella panini- and Danny had a chicken panini. He said his was a little bland- could of used some sauce. But mine was yummy.

Then we went home and baked mini-cupcakes and heart-shaped brownies for his Marines. Mainly, I wanted to bake and not have to eat it all, so the boys will enjoy those I hope! My favorite quote of the night : "Im baking and watching HGTV, what have you done to me!"

After an enjoyable night, Danny went home and I miss him already. We had MORE snow, so again no school. Mom and I are going to attempt to paint Holly's room. Should be interesting. She said she would pay me though... thats pretty exciting. Mainly, I want it to be Friday! Blacksburg here we come! I cannot wait to see everyone and just enjoy my time. Then, it is already the middle of February! January went by soooo slow, but with all of this snow, February is flying by! Only a little more than a month before I find out about William and Mary... scary!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Snow, Snow, Go Away

Sooo we were snowed in last weekend, and now were REALLY snowed in. We got about 15-20 inches from Friday morning - Saturday evening, and I have now officially run out of things to do. At first it is fun-- baking, cooking, reading, watching movies... and then it is boring. Today, on my agenda, is cleaning! Gee, how exciting. Luckily, Danny is off work tomorrow and hopefully he will make it here and can put the little kid excitement back into the snow. Were going to attempt to sled. And build something. So... I just must make it through today!

Except... were supposed to get MORE snow Tuesday! I hate snow. The first snow of the season is magical and fun and exciting. And I do love how, even if it is only for a day, the world stops. It is quiet outside, no one is moving. Only nature can make us sit back and stay home... But now that we have had 2 major snow storms and a few not so major, Im over it. I want it to be warm and sunny! I want my flip flops back!

And on top of not being able to get on the house, there is no school, so no work. I worked a lot the first two weeks, and now school has been closed forever! So not only do I not have work, once schools re-open, no one is going to want to miss more. Oh well, there is nothing I can really do about it. I finished my UVA application yesterday, and I should hear from W&M in  about a month. SCARY. Hopefully, that goes quickly- I just want to know!

Here is a before and after photo (notice the before already has 5 or 6 inches-- that was from last weekend).

After.. It doesnt look like too much more... but it is!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Asia Bistro / Bailey's Pub

Yay for finally being back to our mission! I didn't see Danny all last week because he was in Jersey working on the shore house, and then we were in DC for the weekend, so this is the first chance that we have gotten to continue the tour of Central Park.

After much convincing, I decided to stay home from work with Danny for the day. Thursday, it turns out, was the only day that Spotslyvania even had school because of all the snow. And lucky for us, not, we are getting about another 18 inches this weekend. Joy.

Sooooo after a workout, we headed off to Asia Bistro. Now, I dont really like Chinese food, so I wasnt too excited, buuuut, I believe it was rated about a 5. The egg rolls were apparently "not bad," but not too good either. Danny then had Kung Pow chicken and I had Sweet and Sour Chicken. I guess we had never been to a nicer Chinese restaurant, because I thought my chicken was going to be fluffy and dipped into sauce. But really, it was mixed in with vegetables and dry. I even put a vegetable in my mouth, mistaking it for chicken. Ew, ew and more ew.

Danny's was mixed with even more vegetables and what looked like some kind of nuts. He was not too much of a fan. The white rice was good.. but I guess that is impossible to mess up.

Sooo after this adventure, was the movie When In Rome. Classic romantic comedy... of course Danny's favorite kind. My favorite part was looking at all the scenery in Rome... other than that it was a predictable movie, but still fun. Then we went shopping at the mall, and were accosted by like every sales clerk ever. Weird. AND I had a coupon for a free pair of undies from Victoria's Secret... but they were one size fits all. ONE SIZE OF UNDERWEAR DOES NOT FIT ALL!!! It was very very odd.

Then off to Bailey's for a MUCH more pleasurable dining experience! Bailey's was nice and cozy inside with lots of tvs and a good menu! We had soft-pretzels to start with queso to dip them in. MMMMmmm.... and then I had cheese fries and Danny had a turkey melt. Both were really good! We gave it an 8.5. The service was wonderful and Danny even got to keep his beer pint- how fun!

Overall, it was a very fun day playing hooky. Danny and I enjoyed each other's company and just getting to be together for a whole day. Now, its time to buckle down and enjoy, as much as I can, watching the snow fall. Im going to cook and bake.. and dream of the Caribbean!