Friday, September 24, 2010

4 More...

Lets see... Wednesday I got my stitches out of my toe. The doctor said that it was looking good, but there was still a chance that it could break open, so I have to be careful. Still have a handicap pass; walking a mile to work "is out of the question." Guess that means no running for another 3 weeks, but at least the toe is healing well.

Thursday I was stitchless for about 3 minutes. They took them out of my arm and then did two on my side. I have 2 stitches in each of those, making the stitch count 16. However, this morning, my arm was bleeding and it looks like the wounds have pulled apart. My arm looks horrible from this and all the other scabs from where I was allergic to the adhesive. Hopefully, the wounds will heal a little better and stop looking so horrible. Im not looking forward to these scars. They then bandaged basically my whole side, which now itches and has so much tape on it that Im afraid its going to peel off all my skin. Ah, the life.

The two moles that they took off were both ok, however. One was normal and the other was pre-cancerous (like the one on my toe), so its good that they're gone. Hopefully, all the rest will turn out alright as well. Only 5 more to go.... 

This week has been busy with school work and such. I am starting to get to know some of my students and they are really sweet. The Latin Club is fun! We get to be in the Homecoming Parade in a few weeks! Our float should be really cute- the theme is Ancient Civilizations- perfect for us. They also came up with a t-shirt for convention, the theme: The Odyssey and Pokeman. Here are some of their ideas: 

They are definitely a creative bunch!

It is now Friday, and I dont have any set plans for the weekend. Tonight some of us may go to a football game or out or something fun. I have lots of projects to finish and my room needs cleaning, so hopefully it will be a relaxing and fun weekend. 

I cannot believe that next week is already October. Unfortunately, today it is about 90 degrees. While I dont want it freezing, a little chill to the air would be nice... maybe next week...

Monday, September 20, 2010

It's Definitely Possible!

This weekend was Trisha and Kevin's wedding in Winchester. It was a lot of fun to see Mom and Dad, Holly and David, Danny, and Lilly! The mass was nice- it is always beautiful to hear the Kolar girls and Barb sing! The reception was at Jordan Springs, outside, and the weather could not have been better. We all enjoyed dancing and just having a good time.

The saying of the wedding was "It's Definitely Possible" because of matching Magic Hat caps that Trisha and Kevin found their first week together. They met at the beach and immediately had a long-distance relationship all the way to Germany! It is quite a love story. At the brunch the next day, Tara announced that there will be not 1, but 2 grand babies soon- she and Katie are both pregnant! Quite exciting!

On Sunday we had breakfast with Sarah, Katie, and Brandon- it was so good to catch up with them! We need to get together more, life is just too busy. Sunday evening was spent recovering and watching football and then returning home for quite a busy week. I woke up at 5:40 this morning to go to school, so that makes for long days! I have two doctors appointments this week- to get the stitches out of my foot and arm, and two more off- so there are just even more things to do!

Back to writing one of my 3 papers due soon...

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Stitch Count: 12

Yesterday I went to the dermatologist for my first round of taking 2 of the other moles off. Each of the places have 3 stitches so Im up to 12! How high will it go? It wasnt too painful- just annoying to sleep. They also decided to take pictures of all of them- so they circled them all with the dreaded purple marker that does not come off, and then told me I cant shower for 2 days. Great. I have even tried nail polish remover, and Im still faintly covered in purple marker.

This weekend was yet another bad one for Virginia Tech. We lost to JMU. Nothing else to say there.. I went to the home opener for W&M- we played VMI and won 45-0. Woo Hoo. It was fun to hang out with some of my School of Ed friends outside of school, and not in a study group. I also go a lot of homework done... 

Next weekend is Trisha's wedding, so I am excited to see Danny (in his blues!), Mom and Dad, Lilly, and Holly. I also get to meet David, so that will be exciting! Friday we are getting cheap Mexican at the best place ever and Saturday is the wedding. Because its in Winchester, I am going to try to see Katie- I have not seen her in far too long- since Apple Blossom! Hopefully it will be a good weekend. Now, to get through my week of classes and hw. Ready, Go! 

Friday, September 10, 2010

Good News!

Yesterday, I went back to the doctor for my toe. He said that I had taken excellent care of it and it was healing nicely. (Danny gets credit for this; he definitely helped keep me off of it). I was given permission to get it wet (thank goodness, showering was ridiculous!), walk (trying to walk normal, still hurts a bit), and told that the mole was benign! Yay! That is definitely good news- even though the dermatologist is worried about others, this one was the biggest concern. My toe now looks a little funny, but thats ok. I took a picture of the stitches, but I doubt anyone wants to see that! They are blue- Danny says they will match his blues at the wedding we're going to next weekend : )

On Monday I start having the other 7 removed. These will require stitches, but are in much easier locations (arms, sides, stomach), so will be much easier to handle. They can only do two at a time, so this process will go on until about the end of October. All of this pain = wear your sunscreen!

The weather is beautiful here. After a summer of 100 degree days, I am ready for Fall. There is no humidity and a wonderful breeze. It will be great when I am finally back to walking to work. If it could stay this way forever, I would be grateful. I also get to meet my cooperating teacher next week- finally! I have lots of assignments and even more hours to log with her, so I hope that it is a good match. I have already come up with a fun technology mythology unit that I am going to do with them! So fun! Now all I need are cute teacher clothes..

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Feeling Better

It has been almost a week since my surgery, and my toe is feeling much better. I am able to hobble around the house instead of hop and Im on much less pain medication, so Im a little more awake. Thank goodness for Dan- he has carried me up and down the steps, has gotten me food, and anything else that I deem too far away. He has been wonderful. He leaves tomorrow, but I think Ill be able to manage : ) I go back to the doctor tomorrow for them to look at my toe, so hopefully its healing well.

Monday is my first surgery at the dermatologist to get two of the other spots removed. Those, hopefully, wont be as painful or as much trouble. The one on my bra line should be interesting, however. Im not sure when  I will hear back about the biopsy- maybe tomorrow at the doctor, maybe later.

Otherwise, school is extremely busy. I have so many papers, and projects, and lesson plans! I am trying to stay organized and ahead, but that is difficult. I still have not met my cooperating teacher... hopefully soon. I need to start getting in my hours and doing all of my practicum assignments. It is definitely going to be a busy semester- but I think it will be a good one too. I am definitely learning a lot.

Friday, September 3, 2010


My surgery was moved to yesterday, and luckily it went well. The doctor was able to get the wound closed and said that it looked good. He used a long lasting numbing solution and said that it would last about 3-4 hours, but for some, longer. Well, for me, it lasted all night! I went to class after and Dad and I went out to dinner. I felt perfectly fine. I starting taking the Vicodin, which havent been making me sick!, just to be on the safe side. However, when I woke up this morning- ouch! It is definitely throbbing now- not a fan! 

Im just glad everything went well. Now Im going to try to keep it elevated, keep on top of my pain meds, and sleep. The Vicodin knocks me out. Danny will be here later today and is bringing movies and games and his strong arms to help me get around. Luckily, he'll will be here for like 5 days, so that will be fun. : ) Hopefully, if I try to stay off of it, it will get better faster. I also have plenty of homework to work on if I dont fall asleep!

Monday night is the first VT game of the season, so I am very excited for that! Hopefully, I will feel up to going out and watching it somewhere. Way better than my tiny tv!