Wednesday, March 31, 2010

. . .

When last we left our heros.... we were still on the Cs, and what do you know, we still are!

Last weekend we took a trip to Blacksburg for Miss Molly's birthday. Billy came along, he and Molly are pretty cute together, and we all had a fun time. Nothing too life changing happened, besides the Paff getting the boys really drunk. Not so much fun lol But we all survived, no one was rufied, so a good time.

Monday night we went to see Bon Jovi at The Verizon Center (on another note, I was very happy with Verizon, for they gave me a new phone for free when mine just stopped charging over the weekend.) The concert was wonderful and very entertaining! Even when we didnt know the songs, Bon Jovi was still fun to watch and attempt to sing along! It was a late night, and Holly had to get up early to cycle and Danny for Corporal's course, but I do believe that everyone had fun!

Now, it is already the last day of March. That is crazy! Friday starts the school system's Spring Break and mom and I are going on a cruise! Very excited.

Soo before all of that happens, Danny and I are going to try to get Cracker Barrel out of the way.. and maybe a few others. He is off this weekend and the weather is supposed to be gorgeous! I cannot wait just to be outside and enjoy some fresh air. And not to mention, it be warm!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

... still on the C's

This month has been crazy on the weekends and we have not been getting to near as many restaurants as we probably should... especially since I'm leaving in a few months... oh well, we're still managing to have fun!

This weekend we went to Philly. We were supposed to go up on Saturday,but Friday morning found out that Taylor Swift was playing that night up there. So... we bought tickets. Awesome tickets! They were on the floor and close and so much fun! We got sprinkled with confetti, we sang, and I swear that I made eye contact with her. Amazing. My boyfriend is way too nice to me!

Saturday we had the surprise party for Danny's mom. Just the immediate family, pizza, and cake. Yummy. It was fun to see everyone and play with the babies and just hang out! After everyone left, Danny and I went down to Penn's Landing near the Delaware River and walked around. It was a beautiful day and so nice to be outside. Then we walked across the bridge into the heart of the city and at dinner : ) After that we hung out with Danny's friends from high school and all that kind of stuff.

Overall, a lovely weekend : ) I have such a thoughtful and wonderful and giving boyfriend who loves to make me happy. Couldnt ask for better. Next weekend is Blacksburg. Then Easter and Mom and I's cruise! Crazy!

Monday, March 15, 2010


Finally, I am writing this blog post. I think we went to Cicis.... Thursday night? I cant even remember anymore. But on this adventure was me and 4 Marines, all of whom, of course, love to eat. Dinner was declared a success by all and a 10... but most likely again in that fast food category. 

I was upset, however, that they didnt have pasta with alfredo sauce anymore. I dont think if thats just because I havent been there in years, or ours doesnt have it, or it was just out for the night, but whatever it was I was upset. I loved their alfredo & dipping my crust in it! Oh well...

They did, however, have mac and cheese pizza. You would think that I would love this. I did not. My favorite was the white cheese pizza, Dan's was the spinach, and Kilgore's was taco. Justin and Chris were late and I forgot to ask. But at the end of the meal we had lots of plates stacked up on our table, so I think it was a success.

In other news.. this weekend I went to DC to hang out with Holly and Charlie. Sarah was there Friday night, and we went to Clarendon Grill and saw The Reflex play. They are an 80's band and so much fun because you always know all the words to the songs! Saturday we went shopping, and Sunday we got pedicures! Then we saw Alice in Wonderland and ate at a Hibachi place- my favorite! I swear Im in love with shrimp sauce. 

Today, Danny and I went to Potomac Mills and saw Green Zone. It was about how there were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, and it was just sad. All of that destruction and death, and really, what has changed? Their country is still unstable and so is the Middle East. Very sad.

But anywho, Cracker Barrel is next... the on to the rest of the alphabet!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Chick-fil-a, China Jade, and Chipotle....

... and we STILL arent done with the C's!!

Mmm.... in a different category, that of Fast Food, Chick-fil-a earns a 10. They have the best fries and will always remind me of Hokie Grill. However, since I no longer have a meal plan, I have not had enough Chick-fil-a in my life. These fries were much needed! Danny agrees and had a grilled chicken wrap with spicy dressing- and despite falling apart a bit, he said it was delicious. 

China Jade
Buffets and I do not get along. Mainly because I feel that I could never eat enough to warrant spending $10, especially when its Chinese. So I ate white rice and a little bit of sweet and sour chicken. And it wasnt even that good. Danny, on the other hand, loves buffets because he likes to try things... he's adventurous. He had flounder, stuffed mushrooms, fried rice, chicken, fruit, and so much more that I could not remember. However, he wasnt too thrilled with it either- it was given a 5, and the decision that we would not go back again.
Fortunes: You will enjoy peace and harmony in your home-- MPH
What is right is often forgotten by what is convenient-- DGM

Ok, so I was very excited about Chipotle because people are always talking about how much they love it. EW. You could only love this place if you want to gain ten pounds, all in burrito. I don't. I had soft tacos with cheese and sour cream-- wayyyy too much sour cream. Danny had a taco salad type thing that he thought was good and we had a side of chips and guacamole. I might have been a little happier if they even had chips and queso. Everyone said that Chipotle is so much better than Moe's, but I definitely prefer Moe's- queso and many more options for what you want, and quesadillas. We went to China Jade and Chipotle, both in the same day, so needless to say, it was not the greatest day for food. Next up, Cici's (which has to be done after Danny weighs in and does a PFT) and then Cracker Barrel. Then we will have survived the C's.

In other news, the rest of the weekend was fun. We went to Winchester on Friday for Sarah's birthday and had dinner with her whole family and Katie and Brandon. It was definitely good to see Katie! I miss her so! We went downtown and saw the whole Winchester crowd... how glad I am that I do not live there. It was good to be out with Danny- he had to break up a fight between Geoff and some guy- but its always just nice to be with him. 

This week I have an interview at W&M for a graduate assistantship position. Mom is going to come with me and were going to walk around campus and go to the outlets, so that should be a fun day. Otherwise, just working and hanging out...

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Cheeseburger in Paradise!

I like mine with lettuce and tomato, Heinz 57, and french fried potatoes...
Yay Jimmy Buffet! A little island music, tiki bar, and drinks with umbrellas was the perfect place to go on a sunny but still cold first day of March. Cheeseburger in Paradise scored an 8- but the drinks were a ten. I got a margarita... which came with a shot of tequila and the cutest umbrella and sunglasses.  It was wonderful! Danny had a pomegranate mojito- channeling Michael Westin anyone?

Next up- food! I had a side of french fried potatoes and chips and queso. Mainly I dipped my fries into the queso and it was yummmmmy. Danny had to help me out- it was a big serving. Danny had a turkey and avocado wrap with a side of bean soup- it was gone in a heartbeat, so I guess it was good! Overall, a successful trip to a yummy restaurant.   

Not too much else going on... Just trying to figure out things with school and stuff. Sarah did apologize and admit that she was wrong... so its nice to be talking to her again. She is still talking to Justin and really likes him and Molly is still talking to Billy. To many Marines! They were supposed to visit and now they cant... I told them to get used to it! Lol. My Marine is still wonderful- I cant believe that Im going to have known him for a year here soon! Were going to go to a nice dinner and wear what we wore when we met each other- were so cute lol.