Saturday, August 20, 2011

{M+D} Reception

Life has been so crazy, I have hardly had time to think about the wedding! Ok, that is a total lie, but I haven't had as much time to write about it. So when last we left our wedding posts, we had just finished cocktail hour. Next up, reception!

I want our reception to be FUN. I want people to have things to do, things to eat, music to dance to, and pictures to take! So, this post is just going to be an overview, and I will try to do more specific aspects soon!

In the decision making zone: I think I have bridesmaids dresses and I know I have invitations/save the dates! Yay! As soon as I get into the swing of things with school I will start on the DIY process. If you know me, you know I can't procrastinate, so I will have things ready way in advance!

So without further ado... the reception:

What do you think makes a good reception?!?

Saturday, August 13, 2011


So I am still getting all settled into my room and trying to make it homey! I wanted a fun piece of furniture to give me more storage, but also be fun!

I am told that this lovely white bookshelf has been in Sarah's room for a long time. Like since she was a baby (there were a few stray crayon marks on it to provide evidence!) So while, functional, I wanted it to be fun too! 

I would love to be the most crafty person in the world and be able to make all sorts of fun things, but generally I am not. I have never painted furniture and my sister is the more crafty one, but I did a lot of research and jumped into it! 

I went to Lowe's and bought primer, a paint sample, sand paper, and a few paintbrushes. I found some cute paper at Michael's and I was off to work!

I painted the bookshelf a pretty light blue color and the background was a cute paper! Here is how it turned out:

I think it turned out really well!! I did make one small mistake- 10 points to you if you can find it! Here it is with some more stuff on it:

Functional and cute- Im pretty proud!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Big Move!

*If you are wondering the results of the poll, I will get to them soon! Once I get settled in the house and at school, wedding mode will continue!*

Saturday, Mom and I moved from Winchester to Fredericksburg. We had A LOT of furniture, boxes, clothes, and everything else. The truck went from this:

To this:

It was was full before we knew it. Luckily we got everything in! We also had more furniture in Winchester. Needless to say we had a lot of stuff- and a lot of big stuff at that. If it wasn't for the AMAZING help of 6 wonderful Marines, we never would have made it. We would still be trying to get stuff in to the truck. The guys were so fast, so sweet, and so good! I (and Dan!) owe them big time!

And they are pretty cute too!

Once these wonderful guys moved tons of furniture, I was left with this:
Cozy, right?
So, off I went organizing all of my stuff, attempting to find homes for all of it. By the end of the day we were here:

Everything at least somewhat had a place! I still needed some more storage (a bookshelf make over to come in another post), and all of my school stuff needs to find a home. I didn't acquire sheets until the next day, and I am still in need of a dust ruffle! However, art has been ordered for the bare walls, and a little plant action for some life. So, hopefully, it will all be together by the end of the week! Well, maybe not the dust ruffle...

It is very nice to be back in Winchester, however. No more Route 3! It is easy to get places! And I get to run into people (like the family I babysat for!!!) in Martin's. Barb and Kelley can stop by after jazzercise just to say hi, and other people are just 2 minutes away. FCPS orientation was today and everyone was so nice. I think it's going to be a good year : )

Friday, August 5, 2011

{M+D} My First Wedding Purchase + Your Opionion...

I have been meaning to go to IKEA for about 3 weeks now, but with the craziness of life, just got there yesterday. Besides falling in love with furniture and buying exciting things like a trashcan and food storage containers, I also made my first wedding purchase!! Yay!

Anybody know where this picture was taken?
While this photo makes it look like I am going to be a mad scientist on my wedding day, I am not. I bought 20 of the vases and the other mystery item for another project. However, today we will focus on the vases. I saw them online and thought they would be great bud vases to use either down the aisle or on some of the tables. I thought I would buy a few. I bought 20. I want more- they are so so so so perfect and cute, and if you clicked on that link you will know that I spent BIG bucks on them. Yup, 79 cents a vase- score!

I attempted to take a good picture of them, alas, I think I failed. BUT, here is my question for you- keep them clear or paint them a glossy white? (There is a poll on the top right of the blog!) And to help your answer, here is some inspiration for both:
White vases

Clear Glass

I would love your opinion- the poll is on the top right of the page!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Hello August

My brand new planner! Love!
I cannot believe that it is August already! This month will bring lots and lots of new things. On Saturday, I am moving back to Winchester- I never thought that I would actually want to live there, but it turns out it is not so bad :) We will be living in town and I am so excited to be near some of my best friends again! Along with the move comes my first real person job. I cannot wait to start school, meet my students, and begin the process of becoming a great teacher!
The beginning of all the planning
August also brings me one month closer to Dan coming home : ) 46 weeks, 323 days and a lot of hours according to Dan. 

So, stay tuned for moving updates, more wedding planning, and adventures of being a Latin teacher at three different schools! Anyone else have any exciting August plans?
Lilly girl will also be making the move! Happy August!

Saturday, July 30, 2011

{M+D} Party Time

What is one of the most important parts to any wedding (especially for the guests?)

The drinks, and in turn, the bar! People stand there, wait there, and mingle there, so I want it to at least have some sort of decoration! Behold, the bar:

I definitely want to have signature drinks (and mine will definitely have a barber straw in it like the first picture). I think they are fun, and gives the bar a little personality. Any guesses as to what ours will be?!?

This is a cute way to let the guests know what is being served.

I love this bar! Just flip that W over and make it an M! Our bar will be more like a normal wedding bar, but I think if dressed up with initials, a cute sign, or some other decoration our guests will have a pleasant bar experience!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

{M+D} Aisle Style

Now that we have heard all about Danny's adventures, back to wedding central! Everyone is dressed (you can check out the boys, girls, and me), and we have a venue, so we have to start decorating! John Wooden said: "...details are vital. It's the little things that make big things happen." I totally agree with this- I think that it will be the little touches that will make the day special, the little things that make you think that is so Madeline and Dan! Or wow, they took the time to think about that! The big picture is important, but it is made up of tons of little details that I want to get right!

So, I want our aisle / ceremony set up to be beautiful! It is the place I will be getting married in after all! I am not quite sure if I want to do anything up where we are getting married-- I need to go see the space again. Basically it is an alter, set up a few steps, and in the corner of the stone wall. Behind it, you can see an old barn. I think that it is beautiful on its own, but I might want something on the steps? Or up on the alter... not sure.

As for the seating, here is my inspiration:

I love the look of the small vases with flowers.

I obviously am not getting married in a space like this, but the beautiful simplicity of the ribbons is wonderful.

The flower petal initial is so so unique!
Source: via Madeline on Pinterest

I love baby's breath used as a focal point instead of a filler. All together it makes such a statement!

Any other good idea for dressing up the aisle? I want something that can be easily moved (since other things will be taking place in the space later) but that also makes the ceremony space special.