Monday, January 24, 2011

Real Life and Movies

The past few weeks have been nice and relaxing- whale watching, family visits, bowling with friends, and getting used to a new crazy schedule. I just keep telling myself 15 weeks!

Over Dad's birthday weekend Aunt Jill and Grandma came to visit! 

We all just hung out, had Mexican and even went to a dog show! We saw all sorts of dogs being shown and in obedience- and even a golden puppy- there is nothing cuter than that!

Dan and I also went whale watching- well technically, since we didn't see any whales, it was more of water watching, but it was so nice to be on the ocean. However, it was COLD. I had on a whole lot of layers!

Mini-Movie Reviews
1. Country Strong- I loved this movie. It was not what I expected at all, the music was great, and I fell in love with Beau. I had low expectations and they were definitely exceeded! Danny and I went out and bought the soundtrack right after!

2. No Strings Attached- On the other hand, this was exactly what I expected. Cheesy (one of the worst lines Ive ever heard) the plot line was predictable. However, it was pretty funny and Natalie Portman is beautiful. 

The next few weeks will be full of homework and classes, high school and work. February 22nd starts student teaching and then 10 weeks later I graduate! Yay!

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