Monday, December 20, 2010

At Christmas play and make good cheer, for Christmas comes but once a year.

Another wonderful weekend of Christmas festivites!

I made my way into DC for a very fun weekend filled with some of my very favorite people! On Saturday, I met Sarah and we attempted to go to Tyson's Corner. It is a good thing that we haven't seen each other in a long time and had lots to catch up on, otherwise the almost 2 hours of traffic to go 7 miles might have killed us. In the end, we ended up at Pentagon City Mall and were successful in buying a few presents. Then, it was off to Annacostia to see Danny and get ready for Molly, Megan, and Sierra's Christmas party!

It was so good to see old friends, meet new people, catch up, and be around people that I've known for a long time! It got me thinking wayyy back to Freshman year:
This is the first official Blonde Squad photo! (The first first was Halloween... no thanks)
That was December of 2006 and now here we are, all grown up!

It has been 4 years of college, lots of boys, lots of parties, lots of dinners at West End, studying for exams, celebrating holidays and birthdays, and lots of fun. Now, Megan, Molly and Sarah have real jobs and Im in grad school- where did the time go? I am lucky to have such beautiful and amazing friends!

On Sunday (after some more shopping at Pentagon City!) we headed to Champps to watch the Eagles / Giants game. Dan is a big Eagles fan and Chris a big Giants fan, so it was a fun afternoon. After the crazy upset, Dan was quite excited, Chris not so much- but he was a good sport!
Danny and Chris
Now, I am back at school for two days of work. I cannot wait to go home and spend time with the family and more wonderful friends. Wednesday, I get to see Mrs. Pifer and hopefully on Christmas or soonafter I will see Cary! I cannot wait to catch up with them as well.

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  1. I love both photos of you and friends; you are indeed lucky.