Monday, December 13, 2010

Oh Christmas Tree...
Yes, were dorks!

It is beginning to look a lot like Christmas- and it is even snowing in Williamsburg as I write this!! This weekend was one of our favorite traditions- decorating the tree. It is customary in our household that we cannot decorate until after my sister's birthday, December 9th. So, on Friday night, we celebrated Holly's birthday.

Usually, Mom puts the lights on the tree (and hates it). Somehow, Danny was volunteered to put the lights on this year. So, Saturday morning, we started the process- which lights? how big? frosted lights? clear lights? After all of this was decided, and we were given our instructions (lots of lights, inside and outside, make sure you can't see the cord) we started out. After one strand, the tree fell over (almost on to my head...) Dad was out shopping with Holly, so we wrapped ourselves in Chrismtas lights instead.

Grace showing off our lit tree
The finished product
When Dad and Holly got back and the Christmas tree was secured, we were too hungry to continue. So, we went to our favorite Mexican place and had $1.99 margaritas and good food. Then, after a little shopping (and a new iPhone 4 for Dan!) it was back to the tree. We satisfactorily finished the lights and it was time for the ornaments! I LOVE this part! There are ornaments that my mom had on her tree as a child, ornaments that Holly and I made in elementary school, ornaments that are reserved for people, ornaments that Dad made, ornaments we recieved as gifts, and just plain ugly ornaments. I love hearing the stories behind all of them- and it was Dan's first time helping so he got to hear them too. He kept trying to put horrible pictures of me in first grade on the front of the tree! (Bad picture ornaments are relegated to the back). We had a warm fire, good cookies, Christmas music and a tree- we were all set.  I think it looks beautiful. 
The rest of the weekend was spent looking at the tree, watching Christmas movies, and eating cookies. Not a bad way to spend a weekend!
Now it is back to work and finishing up school. Tomorrow is an exciting day...

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