Monday, November 15, 2010

Life as we know it... pretty uneventful. Danny just got back from Indonesia on Saturday morning. They weren't allowed to explore much, but when they did he said that there were tons of people, even more cars and motorcylces, and no traffic laws! Sounds pretty scary to me! Other than that exciting adventure, life has consisted of lots of homework, working, and stitches (Up to 39!). Hopefully were almost done...

This is the last full week before Thanksgiving break- thank goodness! Next Tuesday Im starting off break with a visit to Richmond to see Cary! Nashville is so far away, so it will be good to catch up. Wednesday is Mexican and a movie with Holly and Danny and Thursday is Thanksgiving. The day of should be pretty uneventful, but on Friday about 22 family members are coming to the house! Woah! It will be so good to see everyone and catch up- Danny gets to meet everyone (apparently he needs a new polo to do this : ). So hopefully it is a nice break from school.

Once we are back, there is about 3 weeks of classes left! Woo! And graduation is 6 months from today- I cannot wait!

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