Monday, November 29, 2010


Thanksgiving break was wonderful!

It started after a long Tuesday of work and class. I then drove to Richmond and had dinner with Cary (as is tradition for us, at The Cheesecake Factory with a wonderful waiter). It was so nice to catch up with her and her new fun life in Nashville as a nursing student. Lucky for me, she'll be back in Richmond for the holidays so I don't have to wait too long to see her!

The leaves in progress
Wednesday, Holly came home! We baked lots of cookies (she is amazing, I never realized how hard sugar cookies are to ice in such a beautiful way!) and saw Love and Other Drugs with Dan. (Mini movie review: It was pretty good, a little sad, and a lot different than expected.) Then we had Mexican at our favorite place with Mom and Dad. It was nice to relax and just be together.

Thursday, was Thanksgiving! We cooked a lot and had snacks for lunch and a later dinner. We took a nice long walk with the dogs, too : ) It was kind of nice that it was just the four of us, but I missed our traditional Asheville Thanksgiving as well. Dan came to the house after work for his Thanksgiving and then we all had dessert! Yum.

The dogs on the way to the battlefield for their walk!

Friday got a little crazy. We all got up early to vie for a spot in the oven. Mom made ham, chili, and a multitude of over things and we had leftovers from Thanksgiving and I made a huge thing of mac and cheese (it required 2 trips the the store and 3 people to help make the sauce). With all of this food, of course, came lots of family! It was fun to see everyone and the children had so much fun running around and making videos. They are so cute! We had not seen Molly since she was a tiny baby and she has grown up so much- she loves to give hugs- so cute! After lots of talking and even more eating, it was time to go. We were tired!
This is how we all felt after the weekend!

Saturday was a lazy day! It was quite nice to just hang out, watch to Virgina Tech / UVA game and just veg! After cooking, eating, talking (repeat) I was happy to just sit. Sunday, of course, came to quickly and it was back to reality. But only about 3 more weeks till Christmas break! Until then I have lots of homework, lesson plans, evaluations, presentations, and Christmas shopping to keep me busy!

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