Wednesday, March 9, 2011


With all of the craziness of student teaching, I don't get out of my room much! But last weekend, I was off to Winchester to celebrate one of my long-time friend's birthdays. This was a no-brainer-- I have pictures of us from my 5th birthday (It was a Halloween party- I was a princess, I believe and Sarah was a cowgirl. There was even a hayride!) and 6th birthday (Barney!), so missing this was out of the question. On the way to Winchester, I picked up my Mom and Lilly, so the drive was enjoyable. After dropping Lilly off at the Kolar residence it was off to birthday dinner and then out for drinks. It was so good to see all of my favorite people- The Blonde Squad, my best friends from high school, my parents, Momma and Daddy Ford, and of course Dan (with his new schedule, there is no telling when I actually see him). We all had a wonderful dinner, caught up, and spent the rest of the evening in downtown Winchester. Winchester isn't the most happening place in the world, but it has a few bars, and you always run into a few people from high school. Overall, it was a good evening topped off with brunch the next morning back at the Ford's (french toast and bacon- yes, please!)
The Blondes together again!
Kevin and the birthday girl!

On Friday, I have an interview at Gar-Field High School in Prince William County. I'm nervous! We did mock interviews the other day in class (must remember to slow down and remember teacher-like words!) so I think that I will be ok, but it is still scary. The real world is approaching fast. And I like to make plans. Sooo, not knowing where I will be working, or living, or anything is hard for me. I keep telling myself to live in the moment. So on that note, I will leave you with amazing words from my friend Jay:

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