Sunday, March 6, 2011

I can do anything for a year.....

I can do anything for a year... this has been my mantra since May when I came to grad school. I knew that completing my Masters in only one year would be intense, but I just kept thinking that I could do anything for a year. So, here I am, about 2 months away from graduating (!!!) and I am so glad that I decided on a one year program. I learned a lot and I'm so ready to be a teacher and have my own classroom. So, I can do anything for a year, right?

Well, next year will be another test. Danny found out about a week ago that he will be going to Korea for a year. It was very unexpected news, but I am trying to focus on all the good things:
1. Dan will have more time to finish his degree
2. Korea is not Iraq or Afghanistan- he will be safe
3. I will get to visit Korea!
4. Dan will get to experience a new culture 

Dan will leave sometime in June (we still don't have all the details yet) and return the next June, most likely on terminal leave. Hopefully, before he leaves we will get to take a fun vacation (in between my graduating and his leaving- any suggestions for fun trips?)  It will be interesting getting used to the time differences and the new ways of talking, but we can do it. We will be long-distance relationship experts! Then, when he returns he will be done with the Marines and ready to start something new. It will definitely be an adventure!

1 comment:

  1. You are right. You CAN do it!
    And I like your attitude. Adventures are usually turn out to be worthwhile.
    You made this year go fast, and I am sure the next one will too. A visit to Korea sounds great.
    Lots of love, Grandma