Saturday, March 26, 2011

Summer Hats & Skittles

Although this weekend is going to be cold, summer really is almost here! I am halfway through my student teaching and graduate in 7 weeks! Judging by how quickly the first half of student teaching went, this will be here before I know it! 

This summer is starting to look pretty exciting as well! I have graduation on May 15th, Dan and I are planning on a cruise, and two weeks at the best place on earth (more details here). Im not sure what Im going to do for work, and Dan will be leaving in June, but as of now, it looks like Im going to be spending lots of time in the sun!

A bit more realistic
kim cattrall 
After the ordeal of this Fall, I definitely will be wearing lots of sunscreen. However, I really want a big, floppy, summer hat à la Samantha in The Sex and the City Movie. Obviously, this is a bit extreme, and Im not so sure it could even be worn indoors, but I want to find something to shade my face but also look cute. I saw one at Banana Republic but it was a bit big... any suggestions?

This wasnt even all of them...
And to keep me sane until this summer, Danny (aka best boyfriend ever) has brought me enough skittles to last until graduation! Yay! He is here for the weekend, so once he gets up (he is on night shift) we are headed to my high school for a baseball game! 

Next week is another interview and the last week of teaching before spring break! Yay! Hope everyone enjoys their weekend!

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