Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Easter & a Talk with the President

We had a lovely and relaxing Easter weekend! On Saturday, Dan and I studied a lot of math. I thought that I was done with math, but alas, Dan is a good student and got an A on his test! We also ran errands with Mom and stopped for ice cream : )
On Sunday, Holly, David, and Grace came over. It was a gorgeous day, so we died Easter eggs (that look nothing like those pictured) outside and Mom cooked a yummy dinner! We skipped the normal ham and opted for crab cakes, deviled eggs, spinach salad, and great bread! It was a wonderful day!

On Monday, I came back to school and promptly started panicking about all the work I need to do before graduating. During this panic, Dan asked if I could get away on Tuesday and go meet the president (of the United States, that is). As I was in a panic, I said no. About 5 minutes later, I realized that I had just turned down an awesome experience, but alas, it was too late! :( However, Dan did get to go to the oval office and talk with Obama! Since he is leaving the unit, this is Obama's way of saying thank you. He asked if Dan worked out a lot (which thrilled Danny of course), asked if there were many accidents in Korea (we are wondering the same thing), and wished us luck on our long distance relationship. I think that is extra luck coming from the leader of our country! Very cool! Dan will get his picture soon!

This weekend is the 2nd anniversary of Dan and I meeting! Here is to another wonderful Apple Blossom! Happy Bloom!

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