Saturday, April 2, 2011

Exciting Times

The past week has been a little bit (ok a-lot-a-bit) crazy. Last Sunday I woke up with stomach pains; they kept getting worse and eventually Dan took me to Urgent Care. Poor boy, he always seems to be around when I'm sick! Urgent Care sent me to the ER (they thought it could be my appendix). Long story short, I went to the ER Sunday night and Monday night- they did CT scans each time, blood work, etc and could not find anything. 

On Tuesday, I had an interview with Frederick County Public Schools. I was still in pain but Dad drove me and I made it through. It seemed to go really well and is the first job that I've interviewed for that was only for Latin (not Latin and English). Once home from the interview, Mom drove me back to Williamsburg because I had to get back to my students. 

On Wednesday, I heard from FCPS, they wanted me to send a writing sample and my unofficial transcripts. By the end of the day, they unofficially offered me the job. Friday, the school board called and it was official! I am going to be a Latin teacher! At my rival high school! If you had of asked me my senior year of high school if I would be teaching Latin at Millbrook in 5 years I would have laughed. It is funny where life takes us!

Dan also found out some new information about Korea. He is not going to be in Seoul, but at Camp Mu Juk in Pohang. From our research, it is about 250 miles from Seoul and only a few from the coast. It is mainly used to house Marines on training missions and only has about 32 full-time Marines. Sounds like a fun place. However, it does have a new multimillion dollar gym- Dan is very excited about that!   

Danny will be on leave starting May 11 (my last day of student teaching) until about June 21st. He doesnt have his exact date to fly out yet, but it is nice to know when he will be on leave! May 15th is my graduation, and then we are going on a cruise to The Grand Caymans and Cozumel from May 21-26. Then it is off to the Jersey Shore (my first time!) for Memorial Day and back to the DC area for a wedding on the 29th. May is going to be a very fun month!

This week was definitely eventful, so this weekend I am just hanging out and resting. I am feeling better but not 100%. Oh yeah, I am on Spring Break! No students for a whole week. I am working for most of the week and then heading to Nashville to visit Cary for a few days. I am so excited to get out of Williamsburg, see Cary, and relax! Then it is back to the grind for the second half of student teaching. Life is exciting!

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