Friday, May 13, 2011

The last few weeks in pictures

 Friends: Lilly and Grace are so cute together! They love to play and chase each other and keep up entertained!

 Grandma's Cheesecake: I successfully used Grandma's recipe to make a wonderful cheesecake. I was nervous but it turned out great and everyone loved it!
"Fred the Pentapus- He doesnt want Ms. Hillyer to leave!"

"Arch enemies, but they love Ms. Hillyer!"

Saying goodbye to students! It was so sad- I am sooo happy to be done with grad school, but I had great students that I will miss!
 Hiking: Jo and I went to York River State Park and it was so beautiful! We saw lots of wildlife and enjoyed the sunshine.

Packing... This is what my room looks like... Dan, your present is in this picture somewhere!

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