Sunday, June 5, 2011

From Graduation to Engagement: Pt. 1

Woah, it has been a crazy two weeks!

First up: Graduation
The family at graduation
The days leading up to graduation were filled with packing and moving with Dan. We tried to have everything in the car before Mom, Dad, & Holly got there. We succeeded for the most part and headed off to a Japanese restaurant to celebrate before the ceremony. It was delicious! The ceremony was very nice as well- luckily it did not rain and we were able to have it in the School of Education courtyard. After the ceremony we drove home and tried to find a place for all of the stuff in the house- not easy!

Next: Cruise!
To celebrate my graduation and spend some quality time together before Korea, Dan and I booked a cruise! The first day was a day at sea. We relaxed and watched the water and just enjoyed doing nothing! At dinner, the cruise had sat us with 5 other couples that were about our age so it was a lot of fun. Day 2 was in the Grand Caymens. We scheduled to go kayaking. It was a little overcast and windy so the guide was not sure if we were going to go or not, but we decided to try it. It ended up being wonderful- the clouds made it not as hot, the guide was wonderful, and it was only us and one other couple. After kayaking around the coast, we got to snorkel and swim- we saw fish, eel, lobster, and lots of coral- very cool! After, we were tired and ready for a good dinner on the ship!
The beautiful beach in Cozumel
Day 3 was Cozumel, Mexico. Our excursion for the day was dune buggying. It was definitely not overcast on this day! We drove from the port to a resort to snorkel and then to a nature reserve called Punta Sur- it was so so so beautiful! They fed us lunch and we swam and relaxed! Then back to the buggys to look at crocodiles and Mayan ruins- very very cool!
The next day was another relaxing day at sea and suddenly we were back in Tampa heading back to Philadelphia. It was a wonderful trip and so nice to spend time with just Dan! 

The fun didn't stop there, however! The day after getting home, we were off to the Jersey Shore for Memorial Day weekend! It was my first time at the shore, and while a bit different from my normal beach experience, it was wonderful! We rode bikes on the boardwalk and ate all sorts of yummy food, hung out on the beach, and got to see Ben for his first time on the beach! Lots of fun! Danny even won me a big stuffed animal! :)

Sisters and boyfriends and the wedding
After a few days at the beach, we were off again- back to Virginia for Molly and Rob's wedding! It was so beautiful and fun! It was great to see Holly and Molly together again, eat great food, dance, and see Molly marry the love of her life!  After all of this craziness, we were finally able to head home for a few days! The craziness didnt stop there, but I'll tell you more about that in Part 2- stay tuned!

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