Thursday, June 9, 2011

From Graduation to Engagement Pt. 2

Dan + Mad
After returning from Molly's wedding, we took a day to repack and then headed back to Philadelphia. The weather was gorgeous and while hanging out with his friends, Dan decided that we should go on a picnic the next morning. I love picnics, so I was all for it! The next day, Dan fixed me a cheese sandwich (my favorite) and we packed up our basket. We went to Pennypack park and walked around for a while. We carved our names on the same tree that Dan and his brother did before he left for boot camp, and then proceeded to a nice half shade (for Dan) half sun (for me) spot to eat our lunch. We ate and we talked and I was oblivious. Dan said he wanted to look at the clouds. Then, he kept taking my sunglasses off. However, I wanted them on, I was staring at the sky! I told him so and he said something to the effect of, "Well, I want to see your face when I ask you to be my wife." He pulled out a ring box and said lots of other nice things and I stared at him stunned. All I remember thinking is that this only happens once so I should try to remember everything- it didn't work too well! I just kept staring so he put the ring on my finger telling me that he "knew I wouldn't say no." I kept staring. He then said "But you still haven't said yes..." Finally, I said the magic words: "Yes, but--"
"BUT WHAT!?!" replied Dan. There was no but, of course I wanted to marry him, I was just so stunned that he had asked!
Then, I had no idea what to do. Do I call people? Do we sit and enjoy the moment together? I eventually decided on calling people- my sister definitely had the best reaction! It was so fun to share the news with everyone!

That evening we went out for Mexican to celebrate and then out with Dan's friends. Everyone was so excited- they even brought champagne! The next day, we were off to Hoboken, New Jersey to visit Carlo's Bakery with Dan's sister's family. It was so cool to see the bakery, all of the really neat cakes, and all of the cakes! Jamie even surprised Dan and me with our very own cake from the bakery! It was all very exciting!

Love at first bite!
The next night was even more celebrating at Ally's 21st birthday party. On Sunday, we went on a train tour called "Love Letters" in Philadelphia. An artist was commissioned to paint 50 murals on walls and rooftops. They are all sayings of love and were really cool! Some you could only see for a minute and others we got off the train to look at, but they were all really neat!

On Monday, we headed back to Virginia to celebrate even more! We went out to dinner with my family and then went to Winchester to celebrate with friends. 

Dan only has a few more days before he leaves : ( but we still have lots of fun stuff going on! This weekend is more celebrating in DC, the dance recital, a Philly's game, maybe back to the shore, and engagement photos! The wedding planning is all in the theoretical stages, but I will write a post on that when I get another chance to sit down!

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