Sunday, March 7, 2010

Chick-fil-a, China Jade, and Chipotle....

... and we STILL arent done with the C's!!

Mmm.... in a different category, that of Fast Food, Chick-fil-a earns a 10. They have the best fries and will always remind me of Hokie Grill. However, since I no longer have a meal plan, I have not had enough Chick-fil-a in my life. These fries were much needed! Danny agrees and had a grilled chicken wrap with spicy dressing- and despite falling apart a bit, he said it was delicious. 

China Jade
Buffets and I do not get along. Mainly because I feel that I could never eat enough to warrant spending $10, especially when its Chinese. So I ate white rice and a little bit of sweet and sour chicken. And it wasnt even that good. Danny, on the other hand, loves buffets because he likes to try things... he's adventurous. He had flounder, stuffed mushrooms, fried rice, chicken, fruit, and so much more that I could not remember. However, he wasnt too thrilled with it either- it was given a 5, and the decision that we would not go back again.
Fortunes: You will enjoy peace and harmony in your home-- MPH
What is right is often forgotten by what is convenient-- DGM

Ok, so I was very excited about Chipotle because people are always talking about how much they love it. EW. You could only love this place if you want to gain ten pounds, all in burrito. I don't. I had soft tacos with cheese and sour cream-- wayyyy too much sour cream. Danny had a taco salad type thing that he thought was good and we had a side of chips and guacamole. I might have been a little happier if they even had chips and queso. Everyone said that Chipotle is so much better than Moe's, but I definitely prefer Moe's- queso and many more options for what you want, and quesadillas. We went to China Jade and Chipotle, both in the same day, so needless to say, it was not the greatest day for food. Next up, Cici's (which has to be done after Danny weighs in and does a PFT) and then Cracker Barrel. Then we will have survived the C's.

In other news, the rest of the weekend was fun. We went to Winchester on Friday for Sarah's birthday and had dinner with her whole family and Katie and Brandon. It was definitely good to see Katie! I miss her so! We went downtown and saw the whole Winchester crowd... how glad I am that I do not live there. It was good to be out with Danny- he had to break up a fight between Geoff and some guy- but its always just nice to be with him. 

This week I have an interview at W&M for a graduate assistantship position. Mom is going to come with me and were going to walk around campus and go to the outlets, so that should be a fun day. Otherwise, just working and hanging out...

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