Sunday, March 21, 2010

... still on the C's

This month has been crazy on the weekends and we have not been getting to near as many restaurants as we probably should... especially since I'm leaving in a few months... oh well, we're still managing to have fun!

This weekend we went to Philly. We were supposed to go up on Saturday,but Friday morning found out that Taylor Swift was playing that night up there. So... we bought tickets. Awesome tickets! They were on the floor and close and so much fun! We got sprinkled with confetti, we sang, and I swear that I made eye contact with her. Amazing. My boyfriend is way too nice to me!

Saturday we had the surprise party for Danny's mom. Just the immediate family, pizza, and cake. Yummy. It was fun to see everyone and play with the babies and just hang out! After everyone left, Danny and I went down to Penn's Landing near the Delaware River and walked around. It was a beautiful day and so nice to be outside. Then we walked across the bridge into the heart of the city and at dinner : ) After that we hung out with Danny's friends from high school and all that kind of stuff.

Overall, a lovely weekend : ) I have such a thoughtful and wonderful and giving boyfriend who loves to make me happy. Couldnt ask for better. Next weekend is Blacksburg. Then Easter and Mom and I's cruise! Crazy!

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