Monday, March 15, 2010


Finally, I am writing this blog post. I think we went to Cicis.... Thursday night? I cant even remember anymore. But on this adventure was me and 4 Marines, all of whom, of course, love to eat. Dinner was declared a success by all and a 10... but most likely again in that fast food category. 

I was upset, however, that they didnt have pasta with alfredo sauce anymore. I dont think if thats just because I havent been there in years, or ours doesnt have it, or it was just out for the night, but whatever it was I was upset. I loved their alfredo & dipping my crust in it! Oh well...

They did, however, have mac and cheese pizza. You would think that I would love this. I did not. My favorite was the white cheese pizza, Dan's was the spinach, and Kilgore's was taco. Justin and Chris were late and I forgot to ask. But at the end of the meal we had lots of plates stacked up on our table, so I think it was a success.

In other news.. this weekend I went to DC to hang out with Holly and Charlie. Sarah was there Friday night, and we went to Clarendon Grill and saw The Reflex play. They are an 80's band and so much fun because you always know all the words to the songs! Saturday we went shopping, and Sunday we got pedicures! Then we saw Alice in Wonderland and ate at a Hibachi place- my favorite! I swear Im in love with shrimp sauce. 

Today, Danny and I went to Potomac Mills and saw Green Zone. It was about how there were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, and it was just sad. All of that destruction and death, and really, what has changed? Their country is still unstable and so is the Middle East. Very sad.

But anywho, Cracker Barrel is next... the on to the rest of the alphabet!

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