Thursday, June 24, 2010

No Place Id Rather Be...

Right now I should be here (or at least packing to be here):

This is the view from the house that I stay in at my favorite place on earth: DeBordieu.

The beautiful beach

I have been to this same beach every year of my entire life, including the one that I was in my Mom's belly. I look forward to the trip every year. In past years I have even been lucky enough to go for two weeks. My Mom's whole side of the family gets together just to sit in the sand and enjoy the sun and the waves. We used to all fit in one house- now it requires three! For a long time (Until I was about 8) I was the youngest of the children, but now re range in age from 60 to 2. That is a lot of relatives! Despite the fact that there are lots of relatives, there are not a lot of people! If you go on the beach and see 2 other families, thats crowded!
I cannot believe that I am going to miss the trip: sitting out on the porch, watching fireflies, collecting sea shells, riding waves, eating good food, taking long walks on the beach, catching up with family, and overall just a relaxing week of having to do nothing but put my toes in the sand and read a good book. This year, I will be hunkering down and trying to write a 12 page paper. Luckily, my cute boyfriend (who I really wished to see DeBordieu and meet all the family as well) will be visiting. He is trying to convince me to go to Virginia Beach- but I think the comparison might just make my sadness greater.
Hopefully, the family will have an amazing time. And next year, Ill be there for two weeks! 365 days and counting...

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