Saturday, June 19, 2010

One for the books..

Soo... This is a crazy story. One that I thought I should write down, thus not forgetting the details.

Thursday night Danny came to Williamsburg to surprise me. We had a lovely dinner and watched Burn Notice and I had fun not studying for a few hours. He left. I was sad, nothing new there. But then at about 12:30 I get a call from him. Id been asleep for a while so I was a little discombobulated, but here's what happened:

Danny was driving down 95 in the left hand lane. All of the sudden he heard a thud, a very big thud, on the right side of his car. He pulled over, along with the three people behind him, to realize that a man had just ran out from the woods and hit his car. He did not hit the guy, the guy hit him. Yes, like a deer would do.

Danny, being the calm person that he is, calls 911, reports it, and the other people help to direct traffic around the guy. He was hurt, so they didnt want to move him and his bone was like sticking out of his leg. Ew. The cops got there, and noticing that there was no damage to the front of his car, and it was not his fault, were much nicer. They said that had a call earlier saying that a bunch of guys had dropped their friend off on the side of the road because he was drunk and belligerent. Who does that?!?! 

Overall, it was a crazy story. We found out that it was a 25 year old man from North Carolina. No idea what he was doing in VA. Just another annoying thing to deal with...

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