Saturday, July 17, 2010

Life, or something like it

Tomorrow! Danny and I will have been dating for a year. That is craziness. So much has changed... then I was at VT, finishing my degree and he was in Quantico jetting off to exotic locations all the time. Now, Im at W&M and he's at Anny (at least for now...). Time sure does fly. Apple Blossom seems just like yesterday and years ago all at the same time. Weird.

Some highlights (in no particular order):
Apple Blossom: it was a crazy busy weekend full of dancing and balls and parades... definitely an experience
Katie's wedding: Dan got to meet a lot of my high school friends, bond with Hunter as I tried to take care of all my Maid of Honor duties, and we all danced the night away
Danny's birthday: getting to meet the whole family all at once, and a million friends, was crazy and exciting! Plus there were two concussions, always interesting.
Fredericksburg: Living there for those 6 months and subbing could get a little boring, but it was so nice to be a "normal" couple and see each other at least once a week
Christmas: even though Danny worked Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, it was nice to share our traditions with him and get in the Christmas spirit : )
Marine Corps Ball: who doesnt love getting dressed up? And hearing boys say oohrah a hundred times? And celebrating the Marines birthday? and dancing? and McDonalds at 2 am.... enough said.

Since he works this weekend (nothing new there!), he came and visited on Thursday and we exchanged presents. Confession: we had to stop at Target and buy his present because I hadn't gotten it yet... oops. He brought me beautiful pink roses, a movie, and gorgeous diamond earrings! And I bought him a George Foreman Grill.... hmm... We then went out for a lovely Japanese dinner (yum) and hung out until he had to go home : ( I'll see him next weekend when we help Holly move, however.

In other aspects, this session of school is nuts. We have a test once a week in both of our classes and on top of that TONS of reading. I think Im learning a lot, it is just a very stressful schedule of reading, studying, work and class. Only three more weeks! Then Ill have a few days off (which I will work) and it will be Fall semester! We mainly will have classes and will also have practicum, where we observe in the school that we will be student teaching in in the Fall. Oh yes, and I have to work 20 hours a week. This year is going to be crazy.

This weekend is only the 2nd that I have stayed in Williamsburg since Ive been here. It is nice to have time to get ahead on reading, and I just went to J Crew for a bit of shopping : ) I suppose I should get back to that reading... and studying... and paper writing... and waiting for Danny to wake up <3

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