Sunday, July 11, 2010

Tim McGraw!!

Last night we went to see Tim McGraw with Love and Theft and Lady Antebellum. All of them were wonderful and it was an amazingly beautiful evening! Tim played for a few hours and you forget how many wonderful songs he has! Faith was apparently in the audience, and his little girl even came out to sing for a while! It was so fun!

It was also a little sad. Charles went with us, and now, after bringing him his vacuum and saying goodbye, I dont know when or if Ill ever see him again. Its so weird because he and Holly act just like they always do. He's still affectionate and still seems to love her... but I guess he doesnt. In two weeks Im going up to help her move, and it's just so sad. He has been like a brother to me for 7 years... that is a LONG time. But if I am sad, I cant even imagine how Holly feels... it is just so weird. I hope that one day he figures out what he is missing.

Mom hates the saying "everything happens for a reason," and I think people say it too much, but I hope that this is happening to Holly for some reason. Either so that Charlie can figure out that he wants to marry her or so that she can find someone better. People change and perhaps they have just grown apart. I suppose we have to wait for this "reason" to appear. Until then, Holly is, as usual, one of the strongest people I know. AND she got promoted on Friday- so at least there is some good news!

In other news, I havent seen Dan in what feels like forever, and I suppose Im not going to see him for another two weeks. This also makes me sad. 

Amongst all the sadness, however, I must get back to studying. I have two tests every week for the next four weeks... along with all of my other quizzes, readings, and papers. At least being busy gives me no time to be sad. 

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