Sunday, April 4, 2010

Five Guys and Fuddruckers

We have successfully made it to the F's!

Five Guys was on Friday. Danny had a HUGE double cheeseburger and then we split a large fries. Everything was wonderful- I liked putting the vinegar on my fries. However, it was pretty greasy... but still good. I think we gave it a 9. The best part was probably sitting outside in the sunshine and enjoying the weather.

Today, Easter Sunday, Danny and I went to Fuddruckers. It was actually open, which is a little weird, but still nice. However, we were laughed at a few times. You dont sit down an order, but order at a counter. First, we couldnt find the drink stand and then we didnt realize that you could put on lettuce, tomato, etc yourself. Danny had a turkey burger, which he said was good, and I split motzerella sticks and Danny's fries. Everything was good and there were lots of condiments and stuff which was yummy, but it was a little expensive for having no service. Probably an 8 for food... but might not be going back.

Now, Mom and I are at Holly's and will be starting our cruise tomorrow!!! Our flight is early tomorrow, so we are going to bed early and getting up even earlier. Very excited! Tuesday we will be in Key West and kayaking and then Wednesday we will snorkel and beach party in Mexico. It should be a very fun trip and so much fun to spend time with mom and see the ocean!!

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