Friday, April 16, 2010

Ledo's & Krispy Kreme

Althought technically we should have had Krispy Kreme before Ledo's, we decided to have it for dessert instead.

Ledo's was good. It is located inside of the Fredericksburg Hospitality Center (kind of odd), but is still nice and inviting.

I ordered cheese fries (sorry Apple Blossom diet!) and Dan had Alfredo with EVERYTHING in it. Meaning: 2 types of sauage, chicken, broccli, mushrooms.. and things I cant remember.
The cheese fries were excellent! They had two different kinds of cheese and were waffles fries (my favorite). They also claimed to be baked... making them probably not healthier at all.

Danny's portion was HUGE. He got a doggy bag. That is unheard of for that boy. He said that it was delicous however, so that is a plus.

Overall, an 8. As good as it gets for pizza and subs. Maybe an 8+ because the cheese fries were so good.

Krispy Kreme
I dont really like donuts. I dont wake up in the morning or ever think, "Hey, I want a donut!" Sometimes I think they are too sweet and often they leave a funny taste in my mouth. However, my donut was AMAZING. I had an iced chocolate cake donut with sprinkles. The sprinkles, of course, made it 100x better, as everything is with sprinkles. Danny had a blueberry cake donut and enjoyed his as well. He also had some iced coffee hazelnut thing that was good.

Overall, a good food day!

... and now it is April 16th... a day that I am used to spending on the sunny drillfield with hundreds of other Hokies, remembering, reflecting, living for 32. Today, however, I am in a classroom. I have been asked the date about 10 times and cannot believe that some can be so oblivious to this day. Obviously, it means way less to them and for very good reason. I dont expect them to be mourning or refelcting- its Friday- theyre excited! However, it is just a different world. No candles, no screams of Lets Go Hokies, hardly any maroon and orange. But I am thinking of that day, I am thinking of the 32 amazing people that were lost, and I am living for 32. For today, that will have to do.

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