Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Olive Garden

I almost forgot to do this one!! A lot of people LOVE Olive Garden.. but as much as I love pasta, it is not one of my favorite places to go.

Last time we were there, I was meeting Dan's dad for the first time. Before I even sat down I somehow knocked over a wine glass that slowly rolled off the table, on the the chair, off the chair, and on to the floor... where it shattered. Not such a good first impression.

We didnt break anything this time, thank goodness. Started off with soup and salad. Danny ordered salad and I ordered soup, which I promptly gave to Dan. He declared both a success and we moved on to cheese ravioli with marinara sauce (me) and stuffed chicked (Dan). Mine was fine, nothing special, and Dan liked his as well. The big chain restaurants are just getting old I suppose.

Next up: The Melting Pot! (You will notice that M in, indeed, after O. However, on the list, this is with the Ts. Everybody whose anybody, or an English Major, knows that The is an article and should not be used in alphabatizing. Therefore, we are going there to celebrate the day we met! I cannot believe that is been a whole year : ) Also, because we are dorks, we are wearing the same outfits. Molly would roll her eyes, but hey, its kinda cute. And so is he.)

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