Sunday, April 11, 2010

Fujiya House and IHOP

Fujuya House
- This one was a surprise! The restaurant wasnt on our list, but I saw it (and the fact that it was Japanese) and wanted to go. When we walked in, however, we were really confused. They had regular tables and Hibachi (which I LOVE), but when we said that we would sit wherever they sat us at a regular table. So I ordered Teriyaki Shrimp, as always, and Danny ordered Chicken and Shrimp. I was afraid that mine would be all mixed with veggies or just gross, but it was pretty much Hibachi, made in the kitchen and MUCH faster. I still has steamed rice and yummy yummy shrimp sauce, they just didnt cook it in front of me. It was quite a big lunch, but still YUMMY. We give it a 9.

All gone!!

- Oh, IHOP on a Sunday morning... always crowded. My head was almost taken off by a tray of food and the waitress actually said "Awww," when I only ordered hash browns... Danny had some omelet thing with spinach and mushrooms that was "for me," meaning less calories and made with egg substitute. My hash browns were hash browns and Danny said that his was good, and just the right portion. Rating: 6ish. Its just IHOP... never very much fun unless you are hungover and with a bunch of friends...

Next is Joe's Crab Shack.

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