Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Officially Graduated.

This weekend was graduation. It was SO good to be in Blacksburg with everyone, but SO weird to know that it is probably the last time that all of us will be there for a long period of time together. That town has given us so much, and we love it so much. Now it isn't home and its weird. We are all going our separate ways... growing up is weird!

All of the celebrations were fun. The family and the Fords stayed up at Mountain Lake. Parts of Dirty Dancing were filmed there so its really exciting, in that nerdy way! It was relaxing to be up there and the views were beautiful; the only annoying part was getting up and down the mountain, but worth it. The big graduation in Lane was postponed an hour due to impending rain that never happened. However, it allowed the family time to get dinner since the "catered" honors reception was only cookies and punch. The ceremony was nice once we got there- the speakers were good and I even enjoyed the Governer's address.

Saturday's celebration was much smaller- and more enjoyable. I walked with all of my favorite Classics majors and then we had a reception at the Becker's house. It was nice to be with Classics people, all of whom I knew, and be fed! I love the Beckers- and I made the twins promise to be friends with me next year at W&M... 

Overall, it was a great weekend, and now, in less than 2 weeks, I leave for W&M. Its so weird- Im going to be a graduate student... and live in a town where I dont know anyone or my way around. AH. It will be a good experience... but very different... different is good, right?

"Couldnt wait to get going, but wasnt quite ready to leave...."

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