Monday, May 24, 2010

Graduation - UVA style

 Yesterday we went to UVA for Charles' graduation from his Masters program. It was kind of neat to go to two so close together and see how different the Universities are. UVA is beautiful, but in a totally different way than VT, and even the speeches just show that they are so different. UVA is totally consumed by Thomas Jefferson and his vision for the University. UVA and VT may be big rivals, but really they're so different they arent even really comparable...

So in the morning was the walking of the Lawn. All of the graduates walk from the Rotunda down the lawn. Its actually really neat- people walk with their friends and have lots of balloons so that people can recognize where they are. Its such a celebration; its neat. Then we had lunch with Charles' program and went to the second graduation ceremony. Charles seemed so happy!

In other news, Peter proposed to his girlfriend last week, so Holly is hoping that this will propel Charles along. I really hope so; Charles is a part of our family and we all love him. Holly shouldnt have to go through something like that- they love each other. But I know why she will leave- he will go on forever like this. He only has about 2 weeks though... so I guess we will know rather soon.

After both ceremonies we went to a South African restaurant with Charles' family. It was a lot of fun and his family was so generous! It was a great day.

Now, I need to figure out how to pack and all that kind of stuff. I cant believe that I leave so soon! I did find out that I will know a few people in my program though so that makes me feel so much better!

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