Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Smokey Bones

To me, Smokey Bones sounds like a pirate name. ARRRRG!!

But in real life, it is a BBQ restaurant, and it was pretty good! I had Fire Stix which were cheese fries with bacon and some BBQ sauce and other things on top. The BBQ sauce made it really really yummy and unexpected. I really liked them!

Danny had broccoli and cheddar soup and grilled chicken. We think that they left out the rice that the chicken was supposed to be on and just gave him more broccoli on the side, but I suppose thats ok. He cleaned his plate, declared his meal a success, and helped me with my Fire Stix. 

The only weird part of the meal was the lighting. When we came in, it was good. But then the electricity went off for a few seconds and it made the lights really bright. That was all fine and dandy until they turned the lights all the way down. I could not see. Weird. But these lighting problems have nothing to do with the food or the dining experience (at least the usual one) and overall we liked it!

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