Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Outback & Pancho Villia

I am quite a bit behind. I feel like this was forever ago!
Ok... Outback.
Yummm. I hadnt had cheese fries in forever so I had those and Danny had steak and potatoes and mushrooms. My cheese fries were ok, not really the best ever, but still pretty yummy. Dans steak was good and the service was wonderful as well. Overall, it was just Outback...

Pancho Villa
Ok I LOVE Mexican... well at least queso and cheese quesodillas. Also, I am partial to our really cheap, really yummy Mexican restaurant where they recognize us. First off, our waiter was a high school kid who was not Mexican. That sounds horrible, but just unusual- he was a great waiter nonetheless. I had the norm and Danny had some sort of margarita chicken and shrimp. He really liked his, and mine was good... but just not the one Im used to. I shouldnt compare... but I am.

I cannot believe that we are on the Ps! We only have about 3 weeks to finish... I think we can do it!

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