Monday, May 10, 2010

Ruby Tuesdays

Ah, the first place that Danny and I went when we started "dating." I do not recall what I ordered that time, but I wouldnt be surprised if it was the same as this time: Chedder Fries. Danny had the New Orleans Sea Food and, of course, the salad bar.

My cheese fries were pretty good. Nice and crunchy with a really good ranch dip, and a little bit of sour cream. Yum.

Danny always gets the same thing here, and always loves it. The seafood is really low fat, probably more so than the salad bar.

Overall, Ruby Tuesdays is usually a good choice... just somewhere Ive been a lot.

I think we MIGHT make it through the list. A bunch of the last ones are like Subway and Tropical Smoothie- places that we have both been a million times, and even been together. So for the sake of actually getting it done, were giong to skip them. Im not sure what is next... but bring it on!

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