Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Beach!!

I only ever seem to write about my weekends, however, currently I just work all day. Those blog posts would be rather boring complaints about people that call Financial Aid....

So last weekend we took a trip to Molly's beach condo in Ocean City. It was my first day on the beach all summer- which is sacrilegious for me. I suppose that I gave up a little bit of beach time for a Masters degree- such is life... The day on the beach was wonderful; I havent seen my friends in far too long and I forget how much I miss them. Ocean City is crowded and the water is freezing but it is still the beach and still wonderful. The day was beautiful- not too hot and perfectly sunny, so it was wonderful. 
I love love love the beach and am already excited about next summer when I can spend two weeks at the beach. And most summers after that- oh the joys of being a teacher!

Next on the agenda- dinner in Richmond this weekend with Mom and Amy and Robin. Then Danny is coming (after 5 days of work in a row : ( ) and were going to Busch Gardens! Im so excited- he's never been and I havent been in forever! I havent been on a roller-coaster since before my back surgery, so that is a little scary. But the shows and the animals and the rides will be fun! And, as always, it is fun to spend time with my cute boyfriend! Then, school starts again next week. Crazy!

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