Sunday, August 1, 2010

One Week~

I am so excited to only have a week left! And even more excited to go to Philly for the weekend afterwards. I LOVE dressing up and Danny and I havent done something fun in a while. I bought a new dress and I think Ive figured out what to do with my hair. Im also excited to get to see all of his family again. I met them all at his birthday party, but I met like 100 people that weekend so it will be nice to actually talk to them all. And did I mention I get to see my boyfriend for 3 days?!? Thank goodness.

Today I went to Richmond and had lunch and went shopping with Cary. She moves to Nashville in a few weeks so I wont get to see her much : ( Clint is going to move to Nashville eventually- so exciting that they are moving in together. Cary was showing me all of her bedding and furniture she likes- its like were growing up. It is so weird! But kinda fun at the same time. 

I started "running" this week. Meaning... I run and walk alternating. At the beginning of the week I was walking more than running and now I am about even, if not running a little more. This is quite an accomplishment since I HATE running. It is kind of a nice way to clear my head and not think about school. My back hasnt been too horrible, it gets a little sore in the morning, but nothing Im not used to. I ran 4 days this week and about 2ish miles each time. I ran a total of 9.1 miles. I have this cool app on my phone that uses my GPS to calculate how far I ran, how fast, and calories. So just being able to see my progress is pretty cool.

Contemplating running right now.. its only 70 degrees!

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