Monday, August 23, 2010

Last Weekend of Freedom!

It just hit me today that classes start Wednesday (Im not sure how I missed it with the law students moving in, the influx of a million people, freshman appearing in the financial aid office, and people being even more lost driving on Confusion Corner, but I did.) I sat at work and figured out when I will be there (since I can now only work 20 hours per week instead of as many as possible), when I will be in class, and when I will somehow get in 60 hours of practicum. My class schedule isnt bad- I only have one class that is before 4:30 in the evening, so that makes things pretty flexible. My books should be in tomorrow and my professor just e-mailed our first assignment... and the excitement begins!

BUT, before it did, I had one last weekend! I, of course, didnt notice that it was my last weekend, but it was still a good one! On Friday, I went to Richmond to A. do my laundry and B. see the family. I know that it sounds crazy to do laundry so far away, but I refuse to pay for it. And if Im going to lug my laundry down three flights of steps, it is going to go in a nice washing machine. So, I lugged myself and my laundry to Richmond and LOTS of the family was there! It was such a good surprise! I got to see aunts, uncles, and cousins. It felt like Christmas! And since I missed the beach this year, it was wonderful to see everyone. They also showed me where I will be staying next year at the beach! Look at the view from the porch!! 

Property Image

When classes get crazy and I am all stressed out, knowing that surviving means two weeks right there will get me through!

So after a wonderful evening of catching up, and Amy refusing to let me do my own laundry, I even got to go school supply shopping. Remember the lists and shopping for EVERYTHING, well I got to pretend to be in second grade. Best day ever!

Then, I headed home and after sitting in lots of traffic Danny arrived. We went to the movies (not my favorite, lots of people dying). Then, on Sunday, we went to Busch Gardens! It was lots of fun and there were barely any lines. I was afraid with my back for the roller-coasters, but it was just fine. We went to a show and walked around and went on lots of coasters and 4D rides, so it was a wonderful day. 

Overall, another great weekend. Im not quite sure what is in store for the next couple weeks, but it will be interesting and exciting!

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