Monday, August 30, 2010

Well this sounds like fun...

Who's ready for stitches? Hopefully me, because Im going to have them in some form from tomorrow until the middle of October.
I went to the dermatologist on Friday and she is worried about a total of 8 spots, but my toe the most. She got me in with a plastic surgeon ASAP (aka tomorrow morning.) So he is taking off the one on my toe and then Thursday I am having two others taken off. Then every ten days I will go back and they will take out my stitches and cut me open again. Doesnt this sound like fun?

I am hoping that it is just an annoyance... I know that I need them taken off, I am just thinking positive thoughts that they wont take off my whole toe, Ill be able to walk, and all of them come back benign. I am quite busy, but really my health is the most important. So as long as they are ok... Ill just deal with it.

On Friday I also found out where I will be teaching- yeah! The school is York High School, and my cooperating teacher teaches 2 sections of Latin I, and Latin II- IV. I think that I am really going to like it. It is a bit far away (about 20 minutes) and school starts at 7:20, so that is going to be quite an early start. The students get out at 1:47- so early! I am excited to meet my teacher and my students and maybe even go to a football game! High school is such an exciting time! I will have a secondary placement in a middle school, so I will get to spend time in both and figure out where I want to be.

For now I am off to enjoy my last stitch free day!

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