Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Weekends and Weddings

I suppose it always seems like the weekends go by too fast.. but last weekend at least I was awake for most of it! I got to Danny's on Friday and we were going to head to Philly early.. but then his car wasnt finished and they made us wait around for it (Growing up is SO annoying) and so we finally got on the road. We made a stop at the mall to buy Miss Amy a 1st birthday present- so cute! We then made it to Philly around 9 and I was told I had 5 minutes to get ready before we were being picked up. 

We headed to downtown Philly and attempted to parallel park which was an adventure in itself. Then we went to one of Danny's friends house... in an alley. It is so weird being in a big city. In Winchester you go to "town" and that is still a very small place. However, it was a very nice place! The evening was fun and we stopped at a Philly Cheesesteak place at like 2:30am. I swear that town is obsessed with cheese wiz. I dont know what it is, but it sure makes for good cheese fries!

Danny's cousin's wedding was the next day. The church and the bride were both beautiful and it was a pretty ceremony. The reception was in Philadelphia at a beautiful hotel and was wonderful. The food was great, the dancing was fun, and it was good to spend time with Dan's family. He wished that he had worn his blues because he gets attention in them. Oh boy. 
Dancing at the wedding.

Before we left we stopped and had more crazy cheese fries. I love a city that loves cheese fries. My stomach on the other hand was probably glad to get home to my cooking... The ride home was a long one but it was good to see mom and dad and Lilly! School is going to be so busy that Im not sure that Ill be getting home much.

This week has been annoying- locking myself out of my house, paperwork, a million phone calls at work, so I am already looking forward to Danny's visit on Thursday (I always look forward to his visits) and the beach this weekend! I havent seen everyone in forever and the ocean in longer so hopefully it will be a good trip!

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