Friday, September 24, 2010

4 More...

Lets see... Wednesday I got my stitches out of my toe. The doctor said that it was looking good, but there was still a chance that it could break open, so I have to be careful. Still have a handicap pass; walking a mile to work "is out of the question." Guess that means no running for another 3 weeks, but at least the toe is healing well.

Thursday I was stitchless for about 3 minutes. They took them out of my arm and then did two on my side. I have 2 stitches in each of those, making the stitch count 16. However, this morning, my arm was bleeding and it looks like the wounds have pulled apart. My arm looks horrible from this and all the other scabs from where I was allergic to the adhesive. Hopefully, the wounds will heal a little better and stop looking so horrible. Im not looking forward to these scars. They then bandaged basically my whole side, which now itches and has so much tape on it that Im afraid its going to peel off all my skin. Ah, the life.

The two moles that they took off were both ok, however. One was normal and the other was pre-cancerous (like the one on my toe), so its good that they're gone. Hopefully, all the rest will turn out alright as well. Only 5 more to go.... 

This week has been busy with school work and such. I am starting to get to know some of my students and they are really sweet. The Latin Club is fun! We get to be in the Homecoming Parade in a few weeks! Our float should be really cute- the theme is Ancient Civilizations- perfect for us. They also came up with a t-shirt for convention, the theme: The Odyssey and Pokeman. Here are some of their ideas: 

They are definitely a creative bunch!

It is now Friday, and I dont have any set plans for the weekend. Tonight some of us may go to a football game or out or something fun. I have lots of projects to finish and my room needs cleaning, so hopefully it will be a relaxing and fun weekend. 

I cannot believe that next week is already October. Unfortunately, today it is about 90 degrees. While I dont want it freezing, a little chill to the air would be nice... maybe next week...

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