Friday, September 10, 2010

Good News!

Yesterday, I went back to the doctor for my toe. He said that I had taken excellent care of it and it was healing nicely. (Danny gets credit for this; he definitely helped keep me off of it). I was given permission to get it wet (thank goodness, showering was ridiculous!), walk (trying to walk normal, still hurts a bit), and told that the mole was benign! Yay! That is definitely good news- even though the dermatologist is worried about others, this one was the biggest concern. My toe now looks a little funny, but thats ok. I took a picture of the stitches, but I doubt anyone wants to see that! They are blue- Danny says they will match his blues at the wedding we're going to next weekend : )

On Monday I start having the other 7 removed. These will require stitches, but are in much easier locations (arms, sides, stomach), so will be much easier to handle. They can only do two at a time, so this process will go on until about the end of October. All of this pain = wear your sunscreen!

The weather is beautiful here. After a summer of 100 degree days, I am ready for Fall. There is no humidity and a wonderful breeze. It will be great when I am finally back to walking to work. If it could stay this way forever, I would be grateful. I also get to meet my cooperating teacher next week- finally! I have lots of assignments and even more hours to log with her, so I hope that it is a good match. I have already come up with a fun technology mythology unit that I am going to do with them! So fun! Now all I need are cute teacher clothes..

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