Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Feeling Better

It has been almost a week since my surgery, and my toe is feeling much better. I am able to hobble around the house instead of hop and Im on much less pain medication, so Im a little more awake. Thank goodness for Dan- he has carried me up and down the steps, has gotten me food, and anything else that I deem too far away. He has been wonderful. He leaves tomorrow, but I think Ill be able to manage : ) I go back to the doctor tomorrow for them to look at my toe, so hopefully its healing well.

Monday is my first surgery at the dermatologist to get two of the other spots removed. Those, hopefully, wont be as painful or as much trouble. The one on my bra line should be interesting, however. Im not sure when  I will hear back about the biopsy- maybe tomorrow at the doctor, maybe later.

Otherwise, school is extremely busy. I have so many papers, and projects, and lesson plans! I am trying to stay organized and ahead, but that is difficult. I still have not met my cooperating teacher... hopefully soon. I need to start getting in my hours and doing all of my practicum assignments. It is definitely going to be a busy semester- but I think it will be a good one too. I am definitely learning a lot.

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