Monday, October 18, 2010

Happy Birthday to Me!

I am now 23. Woah. However, if there is a way to turn 23, this weekend was it!

Friday evening I drove down to Fredericksburg. When Danny got there, we opened presents (it seemed like Christmas!) Mom and Dad got me a new fleece and clothes. And Danny bought me, among other things, a beautiful Anthropologie dress and a Kate Spade purse and matching wallet (this is actually my Christmas present...oops!). Then we met Katie and Brandon (who had a horrible drive from Winchester- sorry guys!) for dinner at our favorite Mexican spot. It was SO good to catch up with Katie and just hang out. We closed down the restaurant- we were the last ones to leave!

Saturday, Mom and I ran errands (hair appointment, eye appointment, etc). Then we had BBQ for lunch, ice cream cake, and watched the Hokies play an awesome game against Wake (we're back in the top 25 now- Go Hokies!!). After the game. I got ready for my surprise outing. I had NO idea where we were going, except that it was near DC. When we were almost there I had to close my eyes, and keep them closed all the way into the resturant. When I opened them there was Molly, Sarah, Sierra, Holly, and Joe! So many people I hadnt see in way too long! I was shocked! I dont think I even said anything but hi...

My wonderful sister!
After dinner, we went to Molly's house where Holly had set up a cute birthday table with all my favorite foods- and of course Funfetti cake! Yum! After a little rest, we were out to DC. We went to Spider Kelly's in Arlington. It was amazing to catch up with my friends and see my sister. (Poor Holly, I was upset all week because I thought she wasn't going to celebrate with me- she definitely did!)  

Danny, who is not a good secret keeper, did a wonderful job of getting everyone together and not letting me know! I could not have asked for a better surprise! <3
Sunday, we tried to rest and watch the Eagles (who also won!), however I am still tired this morning. My room is also a mess- everything I own seems to be in a box or my laundry hamper. It was worth it!

Molly looks so cute here!

Everyone at the end of the night!
Thank you to everyone who helped make my 23rd the best birthday yet- Danny, Mom, Dad, Holly, Molly, Sierra, Sarah, Joe, Katie, Brandon- you guys are amazing! I could not ask for better people in my life : )

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