Friday, October 22, 2010

Happy Things

This week was crazy. I don't know why exactly- it was just filled with a lot of work and even more annoying things (light out in the bathroom = pitch black showers, gas leaks, etc). However, at this moment, I shall remember one thing that makes me smile.

1. My students! This is the awesome Homecoming float they made! It is Zues' head and one of the girls dressed up as Athena and popped out! They had so much fun! I also taught my Technology lesson this week and the students did such a wonderful job- I cannot wait to have students of my own!

I am so excited not to be going anywhere this weekend- it is the first time in about a month! I am just going to run, clean, organize my life, sleet, get a lot of homework done, and watch Beauty and the Beast! Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

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