Monday, October 4, 2010

A fun weekend...

... and 5 more stitches. That makes 21! Both of the ones on my left side came back abnormal/ pre-cancerous, but the margins were clear. So, 4 out of the 5 have been that way... only 5 more to go. Just a little worrisome.... On to more fun matters.

School is getting crazy. Lots of work and observing. Im starting to get to know some of my students, but learning over 100 names when I only see them once a week is tough!

Luckily, this weekend was fun, A LOT of driving, but fun! Friday, after work, I drove up to Annacostia, switched to Dan's car, and got to Philly about 10ish. We then tried to help Dan's mom get ready as much as possible before heading to bed. Saturday morning we had to pick up Amanda's present (a gift certificate to a photographer), and that was quite a trip as well. For a while, I was scared and not wanting to get out of the car, but once we got there the photographer seemed nice and it was a better area. Getting back there was a detour and construction and it was a mess. However, we made it back, helped set up a bit more, and then got ready for the party. Danny wasnt invited (ew, boys), so he and his Dad and brother went to a movie. 
The party was quite a success! Amanda was surprised (Danny through her off with a Facebook post) and there was tons of food and presents. It was good to see Dan's family and the amount of things a baby needs is amazing. Once everyone left, we helped Amanda and Marty transport all the gifts to their house and checked out baby Ben's nursery- very cute. Brown and blue with fire engines : )

Sunday was another day of driving- after Danny's mom's wonderful breakfast of course. We made it back to Fredericksburg to watch the Philly/Redskins game (lets not talk about it. However, VT pulled out a wonderful win after being down 17- Go Hokies!!!!), and I decided to stay at home and get up early to come to the doctor's and into work. 

Now it is another rainy Monday. The weather has cooled down, there are pumpkins galore, and it finally feels like Fall. It is sad that summer is over, but soon The Holiday season will be upon us. Thanksgiving, Christmas, family, friends, trees, and lights... it all sounds wonderful... hopefully I can get my work done enough to enjoy it : )

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