Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Camille's and Caribou

Since it had been awhile, Danny and I tried to knock out two yesterday.

We went to Camille's Sidewalk Cafe for dinner and it was VERY good. Danny said it would be a 9- espeially for lunch. I had the special: grilled cheese with red potato chedder soup. It also came with a side of chips and salsa. This was A LOT of food for only $5. Danny had to help me with both the soup and the sandwich. The red potato chedder soup was amazing- cheesy but not too much and good chunks of potato. MMM.

Danny had... some hot chicked wrap thing. It also came with a salad that looked like only lettuce with a bit of dressing, but he said that it was good all the same. The wrap was also yummy.

Then we headed to Caribou Coffee. We bought mom some beans (Ill give her opinion once she tries them), Danny had a mint chocoloate chip mocha thing and I had a cookie. A very very gross cookies. However, Danny's coffee thing was pretty good.

In other news... Im still not talking to Sarah. She thinks that she did nothing wrong- not surprised- and I know that eventually I will have to be the bigger person and talk to her because she is too self-centered to care. But for now, I dont care either. Im over pretending that her hooking up with everyone is normal and that ditching her friends is ok. But whatever, at least if something does happen she knows that I dont approve. And she thinks that she "really likes" this guy, but she says that about everyone. And from the gossip that I get from the rest of the Marines.... its not gonna happen.

All this week Im subbing for a 6th grade English teacher. Its fun to be able to plan a little bit, learn the kids, and actually teach things. 6th grade is a bit young for me... Im not into picking kids up and dropping them off but overall its a good experience.

Must go get the kiddies from lunch!

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