Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Bonefish and Bridges

Bonefish and Bridges... sounds like the title of a book! After about 30 or so inches of snow, Danny finally got off work and came and rescued me! I hadnt been out of the house in FOREVER, so we went to Mexican for lunch and then went sledding! Well... we tried to go sledding. For starters, there are not sleds left in the state, soo we used a boogie board. However, there are no hills around here! So we tired a few times to get a track going, but to no avail. It was fun anyways though : )

Then, since my boyfriend is such a girl, we went and saw Dear John, the new movie based on a Nicholas Sparks' book. It actually wasnt what I expected, but wasnt that great either. I liked when they were falling in love... but after that... However, this only made Danny want to see the next Nicholas Sparks movies... silly boy.

THEN we went to Bonefish. MMMMMMMM. It was amazing- a "solid 9." We had bacon wrapped scallops for an appetizer and they had this fruity chutney on them and there were sooo good. Then Danny had grouper and I had saucy shrimp. It has an amazing sauce and lots of goat cheese- amazing!

Yesterday, the snow was scheduled to start again, joy! So we got out and got baking supplies and went to Bridges Brick Oven for lunch. I had already been there, so I knew what to order- a mozzarella panini- and Danny had a chicken panini. He said his was a little bland- could of used some sauce. But mine was yummy.

Then we went home and baked mini-cupcakes and heart-shaped brownies for his Marines. Mainly, I wanted to bake and not have to eat it all, so the boys will enjoy those I hope! My favorite quote of the night : "Im baking and watching HGTV, what have you done to me!"

After an enjoyable night, Danny went home and I miss him already. We had MORE snow, so again no school. Mom and I are going to attempt to paint Holly's room. Should be interesting. She said she would pay me though... thats pretty exciting. Mainly, I want it to be Friday! Blacksburg here we come! I cannot wait to see everyone and just enjoy my time. Then, it is already the middle of February! January went by soooo slow, but with all of this snow, February is flying by! Only a little more than a month before I find out about William and Mary... scary!

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