Monday, February 15, 2010

Quite a Crazy Weekend

So, this weekend was Valentine's Day. I hate Valentine's Day... Im not into people that give gifts on Valentine's Day to show the world that they love someone else. It seems like to me, if you want the whole world to know, love your Valentine everyday... not the one day a year that it is expected. Perhaps I'm cynical... I'm not sure. But I did get to have the only thing I love about Valentine's Day- a breakfast table with cute table clothes and cards and breakfast with my Momma! Yay! Then Danny and I headed off to Blacksburg for the weekend.

The drive wasnt bad... I drove there because Danny had worked the night before and Mom made us drive Danny's car, so that was no fun. But still, a fine drive. I went and visited Cathy at work for a little bit and then to El Rod's with Sarah, Cary, Danny, Jen, Hunter, and Liz. It felt so nice to be back among the people I love and just to feel so at home. Then we went out to happy hour. I had a drink at Sharkey's and 2 at Hokie House....... and then I remember NOTHING. From what I can piece together of the night I started feeling sick, threw up at Hokie House, got carried home and kept throwing up there. Then I was put to bed. 

The first thing that I remember is waking up in Molly's bed with a bucket beside me. I felt HORRIBLE and knew something was wrong. I tried to get up and drink water but threw that up and threw up a few more times. We then came to the conclusion that I was probably drugged at the bar. 3 drinks is not enough to make me throw up, much less remember nothing, so that is kind of a scary thought. I am just very thankful that I was surrounded by a group of people that loved me and made sure that I was ok and got home. Very thankful.

So after that, we all spent Saturday in Molly's bed because I couldnt get up. We watched movies and hung out and it was just good to be at home. Danny got me cute personalized M&Ms that were Apple Blossom colors and said "heart you star you" and "DGM MPH" on them so that was cute. A little present but not making a big deal of the day- thank goodness. 

Sunday we had brunch at West End and went to see Valentine's Day. It was pretty cute. Then Danny and I drove home and had our V-day dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings (the next restaurant on the list) with Justin and Chris and Kilgore. Danny had never been but he had naked wings and a wrap and I had buffalo chips. A good meal with good friends and lots of Marine Corps talk. But thats ok... I love those boys. For being Marines, theyre all pretty sweet... especially mine : )

We dont have school AGAIN today... hopefully tomorrow. For today I shall just rest and read and try to find my camera cord... when I finally do, Ill post some pictures.


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