Friday, February 5, 2010

Asia Bistro / Bailey's Pub

Yay for finally being back to our mission! I didn't see Danny all last week because he was in Jersey working on the shore house, and then we were in DC for the weekend, so this is the first chance that we have gotten to continue the tour of Central Park.

After much convincing, I decided to stay home from work with Danny for the day. Thursday, it turns out, was the only day that Spotslyvania even had school because of all the snow. And lucky for us, not, we are getting about another 18 inches this weekend. Joy.

Sooooo after a workout, we headed off to Asia Bistro. Now, I dont really like Chinese food, so I wasnt too excited, buuuut, I believe it was rated about a 5. The egg rolls were apparently "not bad," but not too good either. Danny then had Kung Pow chicken and I had Sweet and Sour Chicken. I guess we had never been to a nicer Chinese restaurant, because I thought my chicken was going to be fluffy and dipped into sauce. But really, it was mixed in with vegetables and dry. I even put a vegetable in my mouth, mistaking it for chicken. Ew, ew and more ew.

Danny's was mixed with even more vegetables and what looked like some kind of nuts. He was not too much of a fan. The white rice was good.. but I guess that is impossible to mess up.

Sooo after this adventure, was the movie When In Rome. Classic romantic comedy... of course Danny's favorite kind. My favorite part was looking at all the scenery in Rome... other than that it was a predictable movie, but still fun. Then we went shopping at the mall, and were accosted by like every sales clerk ever. Weird. AND I had a coupon for a free pair of undies from Victoria's Secret... but they were one size fits all. ONE SIZE OF UNDERWEAR DOES NOT FIT ALL!!! It was very very odd.

Then off to Bailey's for a MUCH more pleasurable dining experience! Bailey's was nice and cozy inside with lots of tvs and a good menu! We had soft-pretzels to start with queso to dip them in. MMMMmmm.... and then I had cheese fries and Danny had a turkey melt. Both were really good! We gave it an 8.5. The service was wonderful and Danny even got to keep his beer pint- how fun!

Overall, it was a very fun day playing hooky. Danny and I enjoyed each other's company and just getting to be together for a whole day. Now, its time to buckle down and enjoy, as much as I can, watching the snow fall. Im going to cook and bake.. and dream of the Caribbean! 

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